Solon urges PNP to dispatch secret marshals

AN OPPOSITION congressman urged the Aquino administration to dispatch secret marshals over the alarming spate of criminal activities in the past days.

Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano called on the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other authorities to dispatch teams to run after criminal elements who are creating havoc in Metro Manila.

“The government should show its determination in neutralizing lawless elements. We should not allow these hooligans to continue sowing terror,” Albano said.

He said that the government cannot afford to be complacent because the public is waiting for the response coming from the authorities in solving the problem and drastic measures to protect the people should be adapted.

Albano said that police checkpoints is not enough because criminal groups are employing different techniques to accomplish their illegal activities.

“While our policemen are busy manning these checkpoints, their adversaries are digging tunnel going to pawnshops or banks, smashing the display area of jewelry shops with steel pipe or engaging authorities and security  guards in firefight using their assault rifles,” Albano said.

The solon said that in the past, secret marshals were used against criminals and somehow proven to be effective.

He explained that bad elements can easily avoid a uniform policeman or a patrol car before doing their evil deeds.

“Who in his right mind will snatch a handbag, pick someone’s pocket, run off with an i-Pad or a cell phone, robbed a bank or any establishment in front of a policeman?” Albano asked.

Albano proposed that PNP mobilizes the people through the barangays in its fight against criminality because “people in the grassroots know these criminals better than police authorities.”

Albano reiterated that authorities should drop the “ningas kugon” attitude if they really wanted to address the alarming problem of criminality. There should be no let up until the culprits are arrested, prosecuted and jailed,” Albano said.

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