UNA and LP coalitions are same dogs with different collars – Casiño

MAKABAYAN senatorial bet Teddy Casiño today scored both the United Nationalist Allienace (UNA) and the Liberal Party (LP) coalitions of deceiving the public by making it appear that there are substantial differences between their platforms.

“Truth is they are the same dogs with different collars. Karamihan sa kanila sipsip sa Pangulo. They are all supportive of the President’s programs on privatization, trade and investment liberalization and deregulation. It seems we can’t expect a debate on policy between the two teams, just a debate on personalities,” Casiño said.

“Mukhang wala naman talagang pinag-iba ang UNA at LP sa usapin ng plataporma. Lalabas nagiging oposisyon at administrasyon sa pangalan lang pero hindi sa paninindigan at pag-iisip,” said the solon.

“The challenge for all the candidates is to lay down their positions and debate on issues that really matter – prices of basic goods and services; privatization of public hospitals, water districts and other public utilities; agrarian reform; the protection and development of local agriculture and industry; the conditional cash transfers; and increasing workers’ wages, among others,” he said.

“I hope that the Filipino people will see these coalitions as they are and that their candidates will just continue the already sorry plight of our country. I hope that the ones they will vote for the Senate are the ones who will truly work for their welfare,” ended Casiño.

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