Youth solon condemns K to 12 ratification

THIS poses a high threat in the bright future that every Filipino youth deserves.”

Kabataan Party-list Representative Raymond Palatino fears for the future of the Filipino youth, as the House of Representatives and the Senate ratify the bicameral conference committee report on the bill that seeks to institutionalize the K to 12 program.

“It is a no-brainer that majority of Filipino parents have a hard time providing for their children’s education, how much more when additional two years will be incurred?” Palatino continued.

“Since its implementation in the past year, it has been very evident that the government and the Department of Education in particular, were not ready for the K to 12 program. They pushed for it to be applied only to make our students suffer even more from the never-ending dilemma of educational facilities’ shortage,” Palatino stated.

The budget allotted for the education sector in 2012 is only sufficient to support the building of 27% of the backlog in classrooms, 20% of the shortage in desks, and about 12% of the shortage in teachers, and has apportioned an inadequate subsidy for K to 12’s implementation.

“K to 12 supporters claim that it opens many opportunities for Filipino youth to get a job after high school. It is nothing but a two-faced scheme. How can K to 12 become an assurance of more jobs when the current state of the country’s agriculture and other industries is evidently backwards?” Palatino said.

“This shows how the Aquino government pushes our children to become overseas contractual workers, instead of finding a job here. It is insulting to know that these lawmakers, to which the Filipinos gave their trust, have supported such a law that will seek to teach our children only to meet the demands of labor-export policies,” Palatino stated.
In the K to 12 curriculum, students under Grades 9-12 can choose to specialize in courses that are similarly offered by TESDA like household services, caregiving, tailoring, carpentry, agriculture, etc.

“The K to 12 program of the Aquino administration is definitely a cover-up for the erstwhile unsolved problems of the country,” Palatino added.

Meanwhile Kabataan Party-list’s National President, Atty. Terry Ridon, condemns the railroading of of K to 12’s institutionalization.

“While we believe that there is a lingering need for reforms in the education sector, K to 12 is definitely not the answer to it. Our government should take one problem at a time,” Ridon said.

According to Ridon, the government should, above all, consider helping the Filipino parents in sending their children to school by allotting a decent budget for the education sector, instead of annually reducing it.

“An additional two years in the basic education amidst the hanging troubles of the lack of school facilities and teachers is like picking up a rock only to hit your own head,” Ridon added.

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