LTFRB Chairman Jacob nag-resign

MISMONG si Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Chairman Jaime Jacob ang nagkumpirma na nagbitiw na siya sa kanyang puwesto sa ahensiya pero itinaggi ang dahilan ng kanyang pag-resign.

Ani Transportation and Communications (DoTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya na natanggap na niya ang kopya ng sulat ni Jacob kay Pangulong Benigno Aquino III.

Ayon kay Jacob, hindi pa niya alam ang tugon ng Pangulo sa resignasyon ni Jacob na hindi naman umano detalyado ang dahilan.

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  1. Kathy Dela Cruz

    April 2, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    Atty. Jaime D. Jacob resigned his post as LTFRB Chairman because of the many happenings inside LTFRB that will definitely frustrate and anger any honest and faithful public servant who only want what is best for the public he vowed to serve. Chairman Jacob is an ally of former DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo, he helped the latter in pushing for reforms which transformed Naga to what it is today.

    All these frustrating and ANTI-“tuwid na daan” happenings in LTFRB particularly after the appointment of the 2 Board Members Atty. Al Parenno (the notorious and ambitious lawyer who since day one wanted the Chairmanship of LTFRB because of his many illegal transactions in “partnership” with his PNP-officer brother) were brought to the attention of DOTC Sec. Abaya and to President Aquino, prompting PNoy to tell the public that he will personally talk to Chairman Jacob on the reason for his resignation.

    But guess what? Instead of verifying the allegations (as every point raised could be readily verified) DOTC Sec. Abaya appointed Board Member Parenno as OIC of LTFRB, the lawyer who lobbied for the immediate release of the impounded colorum vehicle of operator Ronaldo Malazo and the Board Member who is asking “facilitation fees” from operators to ensure the release of franchise-related Decisions, among others – see details below.

    Ito ba ang “Tuwid na Daan”???!!!! Naluluklok sa kapangyarihan ang mga mapagsamantala at pinapayagang umalis ang may “tsinelas leadership ni Sec Jesse”? Kung sino ang may mga nirereklamo yun ang naiiwan at ang mga tapat na lingkod winawalang bahala…

    Wala na bang ibang pwedeng OIC? And it is in the grapevine that BM Parenno would even be appointed as Chairman… Is this the kind of government that we have? Ignore the cry of the innocent and honest and amplify the voice of the corrupt and abuser of power?



    • Unreasonable and inefficient handling of applications/petitions by LTFRB Board Members Atty. Al A. Pareno and Engr. Ronald F. Corpus

    LTFRB Chairman Jaime D. Jacob, a little less than a year after he assumed office, introduced a highly enhanced LTFRB Citizen’s Charter detailing the documentary requirements, fees, process steps, time period, and officers in charge for every transaction in the agency to serve as guide for the transacting public and to streamline the processes but Board Members Pareno and Corpus appear to not abide by the LTFRB Charter themselves causing undue delay in the processing of transactions translating to huge loss of income for transport operators, among others.

    One of the most common “delaying tactics” of the Board Members is asking for additional requirements that are not part of the original list of requirements in the Charter. We understand that the Citizen’s Charter aims in part to make everything transparent and to level the playing field by why is it that the Board Members appear to have the “discretion” to ask for additional requirements whenever they feel like it? And the most glaring evidence of the intention to delay is when all the requirements asked have already been presented and yet the Board Members still cannot make up their minds on whether to dismiss or approve our applications/ petitions. Why are they not acting on these applications even without any apparent reason? What are they waiting for, “facilitation fees” from operators? Even if the latter is not the case, we cannot help but think otherwise considering how most of the applications are still pending in their respective offices. Please note that if applications are truly lacking in substance, why is it that they cannot simply deny applications/petitions?

    • Seeming lack of authority by LTFRB

    Why is it that LTFRB cannot fully function on its own in order to more effectively fulfil its mandate without too much interference from DOTC? Although we understand that LTFRB is under the supervision of DOTC but we are also aware of the many tasks that the Department also need to undertake and if every LTFRB-policy need the review and go-signal of DOTC prior to implementation then we are not streamlining the process but making it much more complicated and tedious. Why is there a need for a Chairman or a Board if all the decisions need to pass by DOTC first?

    What is most frustrating is having a “Second Chairman” in the person of BM Parreno who is consistently trying to meddle with how LTFRB is run

    • Termination of appointment of Executive Director Francisco Mendoza

    The move to replace ED Mendoza is quite unexpected considering that he is one of the few officials in LTFRB that is truly responsible and committed towards good governance or the President’s “Tuwid na Daan”. We cannot help but think that the primary motivation to replace him was brought about by his unrelenting character with regard to corruption. Credible sources learned that apparently Board Members Pareno and Corpus requested (“arbor”) ED Mendoza twice to be lenient to a certain colorum operator, Ronaldo S. Malazo, whose unit had been apprehended by the enforcers under ED Mendoza in December 2012. Who then is this Mr. Malazo and why is he supposed to be “untouchable” based on the actions of the Board Members? And most importantly why do LTFRB Board Members requesting leniency for one who is supposed to be penalized for violating the laws of the country?

    All these points are verifiable… verify with operators and people inside LTFRB to see the agency’s real color

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