Anti-corruption group calls on youths to relive Bonifacio’s patriotism

ANTI-corruption alliance Youth Revolt today called on youths to relive the patriotism of Andres Bonifacio to battle corruption and struggle for systemic change in the midst of the growing clamor on the pork barrel scam.

“History was forever changed when Katipuneros broke their bondage to Hispanic colonialization more than a century ago through the Cry of Pugadlawin. Many youths took part and led the revolution that liberated the Filipinos like Andres Bonifacio. We urge the many youths of today to rekindle Bonifacio’s patriotic spirit to battle corruption and struggle for genuine change,” said Youth Revolt Spokesperson Marc Joseph Vicencio.

The group today joined the National Day of Rage Against Pork Barrel staged in many places across the country synchronous to the 117th commemoration of the Cry of Pugadlawin.

“Today we honor the Cry of Pugadlawin through continuing Bonifacio’s aspiration for a society that’s authentically free from oppression. Our fight against corruption aims to unite the people against the system that has shackled us.

“Distrust of the government brims among the youth as we witness the disclosure of one controversy after another involving the use of Priority Development Assistance Funds or Pork Barrel. While budget allocations for social services are lacking, corruption are taking away millions of taxpayers’ money. The enormous resources being eaten by the pork barrel should be used directly to build more classrooms, purchase more books and school equipment, and provide decent and affordable housing for the poor amongst other needs. We believe that these large funds if really intended for the benefit of the people need not be placed under the disposal of lawmakers or even of the president,” Vicencio said.

The group invited the largest number of youths to participate in the growing call for the abolition of the pork barrel system and the rechanneling of funds to social services. Youth Revolt announced that it will participate in the protest which will be staged in Luneta on Monday, August 26.

He added, “We are dismayed that Pres. Benigno Aquino III has stood against the abolition of the pork barrel when he supposedly proclaims his desire to steer the government towards a “Tuwid na Daan.” His defense of the pork barrel ultimately spells consent to the abuses that is innate to the system. Furthermore, it is alarming to know that he himself has at his disposal funds amounting to more than a P1 trillion, funds which would only be released upon his order.”

As sign of protest, the group burned an effigy of a pig symbolizing the pork barrel system.

“As corruption scandals haunt anew the present regime, we stand again in solidarity to continue our fight; we stand again holding firm to our belief that in these dark times to revolt is justified,” Vicencio said.

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