been-there-logo---codillaI received a message from a friend whose daughter, a private school teacher in Bacoor, Cavite, was a proctor at the Molino Elementary School during the National Achievement Test (NAT). Here is Teacher JB’s message about the incident:

“Yesterday was the National Achievement Test for Grades 3 & 6. Proctors came from different schools-public school teachers (proctor in) private schools (and vice-versa). Proctors from private schools discovered a number of anomalies during the test yesterday (March 13) in Molino Elementary School) in Bacoor, Cavite: 1) test booklets were insufficient and students had to share one test booklet; and 2) LEAKAGE and cheating.

Proctors have recovered a lot of notes where answers are written for each subject. Where can these students possibly get the leakage?

“This is too foul, especially to schools that imbibe the values of honesty and integrity. These students who had the notes were just clearly taught because you can see from them how they were anxious during the test. They are already teaching the students how to be corrupt and thieves in the future.”

The NAT is a Philippine-made standardized test designed to determine the achievement level, strengths and weaknesses of Grade 3 pupils in public and Madrasah schools and Grade 6 in private and public schools in five curricular subject areas at the end of the school year: Science, Mathematics, English, Filipino, HeKaSi (Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika). There is also an NAT for 4th year students in both public and private schools.

The ratings are important for the schools and the province itself, the reason for possible cheating collusions to up the performance averages.  For instance, if a school has overall Mean Percentage Score (MPS) between 51% to 72%, it is classified as upper average in school performance. If a school has an MPS between 76% to 100% in English, it has superior performance in English. An MPS of 26% to 50% is classified as lower average, and 0-25% as poor.

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