5 life hacks every Filipino should know

Life hacks are useful tips on how to make our lives easier. These are some tips that are particularly useful and extremely helpful for Pinoys.
1. To avoid long queues, pay your taxes through BIR’s Electronic FIling and Payment system.
-Simply enroll to eFPS, file your tax returns electronically, and pay online via partner banks such as Bancnet, BPI and PNB.
2. If you are in the mall and you want to use the comfort room to take a dump, find one that is farthest from the food court.
-Comfort rooms located at foodcourt are most probably bombarded with people and the best ones, of course, are those near the expensive stores.
3.When going to Divisoria, Quiapo and other crime-infested areas, always bring an old “keypad” cellphone.
-Well, of course, you can still bring your high end phone with you but don’t brandish it for all the thieves to see.
4. Always bring a small coin purse when using  public transportation, especially jeepney.
-With a coin purse, you can easily store smaller bills and take coins out. Also, you no longer need to bring out your larger wallet containing your ATM and credit cards.
5.Before renting an apartment, ask sari-sari store owners nearby if your target place is safe from floods and whatnot.
-Chances are, they’ve lived in that place long enough to know what’s going on and what’s waiting for you in case you decide to rent that apartment. (partial source:filipiknow)

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