DILG says first day of 911 ‘generally successful’

INTERIOR and Local Government Sec. Ismael Sueno yesterday said the first day of operation of the new national emergency hotline 911 was “generally successful” despite the huge number of prank callers.

“Judging from the huge volume of calls received by 911 for the first 24 hours of operation, we can say that the public is now aware that help is within reach through 911. We definitely had a good start,” Sueno said.
The first 911 call received by the national 911 center came in at 12:06 a.m. from Antipolo City requesting for an ambulance service.
On Monday, over 33,000 calls were received by the 911 operation center, which is almost a 1,000-percent increase from the 3,500 daily average of calls received by the previous 117 hotline center.
From a meager 15-seater call center emergency hotline operation, the 911 operation center has doubled its capacity to a 30-seat nationwide disaster hotline center.
The DILG Secretary reiterated his earlier appeal to the public to stop testing 911 because in every attempt to dial the number without the real intention to seek emergency assistance, one or more lives are put to risk.
“Anyone who dials 911 will be accepted and registered in the 911 system, however, due to increased volume in calls, particularly prank calls, we were not able to respond accordingly to such emergencies because our system has been clogged,” he pointed out. -30-

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