Worry-free clothing care for when the weather isn’t fair

FOLLOWING the El Niño phenomenon that brought drought to many regions of the country, the rainy season finally arrived, and the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration warned of the developing La Niña, which is predicted to take off late this year.

Frequent rains brought by south winds locally tagged as ‘Habagat’ have started to pour down and won’t go away anytime soon no matter how often kids recite that nursery rhyme. Aside from traffic woes, health concerns and other worries related to the wet season, one of the most frustrating things moms have to deal with is keeping the clothes clean, dry and ready to wear despite the gloomy weather outside.

Dad’s slacks and polos for office, kuya’s school uniform, ate’s favorite Sunday dress, bunso’s comfy pajamas. There’s just so much to wash, dry and press and in so little time. Even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, mommies can try these four laundry hacks to save the day.

  1. Removing mud stains

Kuya comes home with mud splatters on his white school polo, no thanks to the hurrying car that sped by while he was walking near a rain puddle. If the stain hasn’t had time to seep through the fabric, hand-wash the part that has a stain first using a strong detergent, without wetting the whole fabric as the stain will just spread to the rest of the clothing. When the stain is removed, the entire garment can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Hanabishi offers fully automatic top load (HAWMD 170) and twin tub washing machines to suit Filipino households’ preferences and needs. As a consistent Kapartner ng Praktikal na Nanay at Bossing, Hanabishi makes available to the local market quality yet affordable products that stand the test of the seasons.

  1. Ironing stubborn wrinkles

Mix 20ml of fabric softener with 80ml water in a spray bottle and spray clothes before ironing. This will allow the fabric to smoothen out wrinkles. To make life easier, the Hanabishi Flatiron Hi 89 has a built-in container and spray. Just fill the container with the mixture, spray and glide the wrinkles away!

Who wants to iron the whole day away, especially when it’s nicer to curl up and take a nap when the sky looks dark and sleepy? But if ironing is really a must (because dad still has to go to office, no matter what), Hanabishi has multiple flat iron models to choose from. Most models have thermostat and thermal fuse features so they shut off automatically when they reach the needed temperature. This avoids clothes from being burned. In addition, Hanabishi flat irons are non-stick, so they glide smoothly on different kinds of fabric without damaging the clothes.

  1. Conserving electricity

Even if it’s tempting to dump all the clothes into the washing machine in one go to save time and energy, this practice actually uses more power and causes more friction which can damage the clothes. It’s better to divide the laundry into lighter loads and using shorter wash times per load.

When there is a high pile of clothes, Hanabishi has got it covered! Its Twin Tub Washing Machine series specifically the HWM 270 is equipped with a dryer that is high in power and low in electricity consumption.

  1. Drying clothes

This is the most challenging part of clothing care this season! When there’s no chance to hang clothes outside under the sun, the next best thing is to spin dry in the washing machine. Although the clothes will not come out 100% dry because there is no heat dryer, it will only take a short time for the clothes to dry even when hung indoors.

Hanabishi’s washing machines offer quick wash programs for faster washing time. The fully automoatic models are easy to operate and do multi-tasking, meaning, it takes care not just of washing but of drying the clothes as well.

Semi-dry clothes hung indoors will benefit from an open window so that air circulates freely to help it dry faster. For extra faster drying time, semi-dry clothes can also be ironed first before hanging them in an airy room.

Rainy season is usually a stressful one to moms. Good thing Hanabishi is a great garment care warrior!

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