Phl wins bronze in World Bowls Championship in New Zealand

THE Philippines won a bronze medal in the ongoing World Bowls Championship in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Philippine team composed of Asuncion “Sonia” Bruce, Hazel Jagonoy, Rosita Bradborn and Vilma Ronalyn Greenlees defeated Wales, 19-14, in the first round of the women’s fours final played at the Burnside Bowls Center.

But the Filipinos lost to their English rivals, 15-18, in the second round to share the bronze medal with New Zealand, which lost to Australia, 9-27.

England and New Zealand drew first round byes.Australia took the gold medal after posting a 23-8 victory over England, which settled for the silver.

Wales and Scotland are fifth.

The Philippines is fielding Ainie Knight in the singles event. She and Bruce are competing in the pairs event.

Seeing action in the triples event are Jagonoy, Greenlees and Bradborn.

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