Lam’s tax liabilities

THE Bureau of Internal Revenue is now springing into action against the tax liabilities of the properties of online gambling operator Jack Lam.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said that the BIR is now investigating the tax evasion cases of Lam.

Aguirre stressed out that the government might sequester the properties of Lam in Fort Ilocandia and the Fontana Leisure and Resorts in Clark, Pampanga if he fails to settle his obligations with the government.

Aguirre said if the BIR investigation proves that Lam did not pay taxes and failed to settle liabilities, the government will sequester his properties.

The President said that there will be sequestration of Lam’s properties, what he meant is that if there will be no settlement of the obligation to the government, the BIR will come into play.

The BIR will investigate how much this tax liabilities and make assessment for Lam to pay, then it could be enforced through the BIR by investigating on the non-payment of taxes and if it is proven that there is tax liability, then there will be a restraint or levy on the said properties and if there is still no payment despite the restraint, then it will be sold at public auction.

The DOJ chief explained that the sequestration would be pursued should Lam fail to return to the country and settle his tax deficiencies, which was one of the conditions set by President Duterte before the Chinese tycoon could be allowed to return to the country and continue his businesses here.

Aguirre also bared that Lam’s camp sent feelers to the office of the President and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) but so far this year, Lam has not sent again feeler to the DOJ that he would comply with the conditions set by the President.

He added that if Lam wants to go back in the country he must settle the taxes with the government, legalize his online gaming operation by applying for a license with the PAGCOR, face the cases against him and undertake not to corrupt officials here.

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