ELEANOR Roosevelt once said that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

The former First Lady of the United States could not have said it more accurately especially for the younger generations who have all the time to conquer and make a difference in the world we live in.

We must accept the fact that while the older generations have the wisdom honed by their years of experience, the future actually belongs to the youth of today who can dream and make those dreams a reality.

And our country is actually blessed, because aside from natural wealth, we have young leaders and entrepreneurs who are determined and bold enough to face the challenges of the future.

And one such young leader is Leandro Leviste, who while still barely in his early 20s is already the president and chief executive of Solar Philippines. To his credit, Leviste is among the pioneers in the previously unknown solar technology, which many business leaders declare is one of the so-called sunshine industries in the country.

Last week, Solar Philippines broke ground for its 150-megawatt project in Concepcion, Tarlac, amounting to at least $195-million (P9.75 billion) and was expected to be able to produce enough energy for the entire province’s needs.

Concepcion Solar Farm, is expected to be completed by the third quarter this year and is positioned to be the country’s biggest solar power producer with 450,000 panels over 150 hectares of what used to be sugarcane farms.

“This is also the first in the Philippines to [be built] at lower cost than coal and first to demonstrate that renewable energy as baseload (power-generating resource) is already here and not something that will take 10 or 20 more years,” Leviste said.

He said the solar farm would offer electricity at about P1 per kilowatt-hour or 10 percent lower than the cost of power generated based on coal.

Leviste, the son of Senator Loren Legarda and former Batangas Gov. Tony Leviste dreams of filling up the country’s energy requirements but at lower costs through solar technology which he believes should be the wave of the future.

To date, his company in partnership with other big firms has already invested in solar projects in other areas such as Batangas and Cavite.

With Leviste’s very efficient and visionary leadership, Solar Philippines is now on its way to becoming the Philippines’ top solar power provider and Southeast Asia’s largest developer of rooftop power plants.

With what he is doing now, Leviste would certainly go places and in his hands probably also lies the future of his fellow young people of our country.

Indeed, he could be following what Mahatma Gandhi once admonished that ‘the future depends on what you do today’. OPEN LINE/BOBBY RICOHERMOSO

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