Lait ang inabot!

LAIT ang inabot ni Kathryn Bernardo when reports surfaced that she will play Darna.

“It Will be awkward To Show her legs off. No offense, but it is the truth. We want somebody close To The looks of Angel Locsin and a face That emanates a female super hero!”

“Wag naman.. di bagay.. juskolored.. wag daanin sa fandom, pa audition nlng sila.”

“Sorry Hindi Sakang Si Darna. Malusog ang Dibdib. Matambok ang Pwet. Ganyan si Darna! Si Medusa pwede cya.”

‘Yan ang hanash ng bashers.

Pero matapang na ipinagtanggol si Kathryn ng fans niya as one said, “Kng ayaw nio sa knya wag na kau manglait ng sobra, tama na no sa mga ayaw or d kya sabihin nio lng kng cno bet nyo, kesa magsabi ng mga masasakit na salita kawawa nman ung tao. Khit ako man ayaw ko rin sa knya pro ang gatungan ko pa panglalait ng iba wag na tama na. Bet ko maja at julia bilang darna.”

Kris Aquino greeted Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista a “Happy Birthday” on her Facebook account.

Although she didn’t name him, it was obvious na si Herbert ang kanyang subject. Herbert’s birthday was last May 12.

“There are people who actually end up close friends after having tried to be in a relationship. I think this is because the 2 people had proper closure of 1 chapter in their lives, and managed to continue their narrative even with a new leading man or leading lady. Because yes- you can be content to just play supporting characters in each other’s version of your life stories. A 2 person love story isn’t assured a happy ending- but a story about friends can have multiple plot lines, layers, and infinite light moments,” say niya.

After that, she RATTLED OFF reasons why she liked Herbert.

“I wondered why this is so- and with the help of Pinterest, I found some quotes that will best explain why we managed to transform our plot, and with a few needed rewrites, avoided a bitter ending.

“He has never spoken a harsh, below the belt word to me, in other words he’s been a gentleman…

“He has taught me to develop patience, to not rush everything nor feel that we have to do it now or it will never happen.

“Be an attentive listener.

“He is dependable

“He doesn’t brag about his achievements because he believes that working hard is what makes you deliver, and you don’t have to trumpet what is part of your job- the finished products will do all the communicating for you.

“He knows what deserves to be ignored.

“Our children come first.”

In the end, she said, “I’m pretty sure he isn’t expecting this, but he deserves this shoutout.

He has been a true friend, and I want to celebrate the person I’ve gotten to know.

And what better way than to give you a glimpse of him from my perspective? Because from my point of view- we lucked out in realizing it is best to overlook where 2 people went wrong in a relationship but rather continue working on where they went right in their friendship.”

That said, we felt that Kris has not moved on from her EPHEMERAL tryst with Herbert. UNCUT/ALEX BROSAS

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