Happy to have Coco as a director!

NABASA namin ang lengthy message ni Kris Aquino about her exes titled “P. S. STRAIGHT from my HEART”

“We don’t really get to choose our exes, unless we did the breaking up. But we do get to choose whether to completely erase them from our lives, or try the treacherous path of building a friendship… Obviously i am not in good terms with the fathers of my 2 sons.

In Josh’s case, i’m grateful that he let us be. He saw that Josh was embraced with love and a very strong support system, and he chose to keep a respectful distance.

Regarding Bimb’s Dad, i’m wise enough now to know that anything i upload, Bimb will have access to- if not now, it will always be there for future reference so i choose to not give my bunso unnecessary “stress” and i shall end it with that,” she initially wrote.

Later, she revealed it was about Mayor Herbert Bautista.
“I needed to write this to express my heartfelt gratitude to the ex who was really a good sport in allowing himself to be part of my iPhone X webisode (yes, i do know it is a 10 ??????) because in all fairness to me- BUMUSINA ako & sent him the link to preview the material.

“No- i’m not hung up on him anymore. We’ve made our PEACE. And that happened because of his maturity, not mine. The most remarkable thing is- we really are FRIENDS. We have honest & open conversations, we can vent to each other when one feels burdened with stress, and we just accept each other for all we are, and all we aren’t…

“I owe him this rare blog post, as open as i’ve been with my life, at 46 i’ve actually learned the prudence of silence… but when it was no longer beneficial nor convenient (especially because he is an elected official) for him to maintain ties with me and my family, he pleasantly surprised me by proving everybody wrong about his intentions. When it was perfectly understandable to keep a distance, he’s been there. So this is a much deserved shoutout of genuine praise.

“A man can break your heart if you had expected love. But that same man can also make you feel loved and valued when both of you realize- over a period of almost 4 years- that true friendship isn’t a consolation prize, it is actually something to be treasured for life.

“So wherever 2019 may lead Mayor HB, he not only has my vote BUT he has my promise to campaign for him if it will be helpful, or to totally disappear if it will be a burden.”

So, ikakampanya pala ni Kris si Mayor Herbert in the next election. How sweet!!!


Sobrang na-impress si Jake Cuenca sa kanyang unang pagkakataon na idirek ni Coco Martin sa “Ang Panday”.

“I love him as a director. Parang lahat naman ng artista, we all wish to have an actor’s director and Coco Martin is an actor’s director.

Naiintindihan niya kung ano ang pinagdadaanan ng artista in a scene-to-scene basis. Not a lot of current directors know that. Hindi ka niya ilalagay sa alanganin.

In this movie he just let me play. He trusts me so much na makakapagbigay ako ng performance na kakaiba and he gave it to me. I’m so happy,” Jake said after the screening of the movie at Trinoma.

Gumanap bilang Lizardo si Jake sa movie and he admitted that he so loved the iconic villain role.

“It’s my most favorite role ever,” he declared. “In my long showbiz career, my favorite role that I’ve ever done in my life is this role. Super pinaglaruan ko ang role ko.”

Hindi siya nagdalawang-isip when told na siya ang gaganap na Lizardo.

“The day na sinabi nila na ako ang Lizardo I didn’t think twice.

Sabi ko, ‘sino director?’ ‘Coco, first film niya.’ ‘Wow. Perfect!’

If for anything, I feel blessed to work with him in his first movie as a director. Total nagsimula din naman kami together. We were there from the beginning. I’m so happy to have been here for that.” UNCUT/ALEX BROSAS

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