Mapili at discriminating raw ang silahis na okrayista!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nag-text sa amin ang isang PMPC member para sabihing hindi naman lahat ng miyembro nila ay nai-invite ng buntis na silahis.

Buntis na silahis raw, o! Hahahahahahahahaha!

“Pete,” she asseverated, “di ini-invite lahat ng taga-PMPC ni silahista.

“Kasi pag di niya feel,” she went on, further giving the true picture, “wah siya invite.

“As a matter of fact,” she quipped, “ang ilang taga-PMPC, wah niya invite. Ang dahilan ay siya lang ang nakaaalam!”

Ganuned? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

“Pag di niya feel,” she averred, “wah! May ilan sa aming three years na niyang di nai-invite kahit sa Christmas party.

“And to think na ang kanilang theme song ay give love kuno. Sa mga gusto lang nila.

“Very selective!” she stressed. “Mga plastikada. Give love raw, o! Asan? Hahahahahahaha!”

Anyway, matagal na raw na hindi nai-invite ang aming source. Feeling nga niya, banned na raw siya but who cares?

Kapag nagsasara ang pinto, nagbubukas naman ang bintana as the case with our lady friend.

For her parting word, sinabi ng aming amiga na hindi raw lahat ng panahon ay kanila. Pasasaan ba’t makaeeksena rin sila.

‘Yun nah!

Anyway, wait na lang tayo sa mga succeeding projects ng silahis na ‘to.

Lately, ‘yung na-extend kunong TV project nila in the afternoon ay papangit nang papangit ang flow ng story.

And the acting of this comebacking semi-veteran actor is becoming worse!

Becoming worse raw, o! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Whatever, I have this feeling that it’s going to close shop pretty soon because of the seemingly abysmal flow of the story and the uninspired acting of some of the cast.

Pero ang pinakaaabangan ko talaga ay ang project ng inggratang starlet na ‘to na mahilig magpapalit-palit ng ilong.

Mahilig magpapalit-palit raw ng ilong, o! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

This early, I have this feeling that it would flop the very moment it gets shown. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Napaka-nega kasi ng aura ng babaeng noselifted na ‘to na itinapon sa isang tabi ang lady manager niyang may ilang taon ring nag-aruga sa kanya pero nagawa niyang iligwak nang makakuha na siya ng network na mag-aalaga sa kanya.

Okay! Wait for the coming of retribution or comeuppance pretty soon.

Im pretty sure na mangingitlog sa rating ang soap na iyong pagbibidahan.

I’m sure! Very, very SURE! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Bye, bondat na silahis! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Sunshine Dizon, winarningan ang mga babaeng magkaka-interes sa estranged husband niyang si Timothy Tan

Sunshine Dizon issued a warning to the women who might be interested in her husband Timothy.

Technically married pa rin daw silang dalawa dahil she didn’t file an annulment. So, in effect, she didn’t relinquish her title as  Mrs. Tan. Kaya ‘yung mga umaaligid raw kay Timothy, should be weary. Beware! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Anyway, how interesting to note that Sunshine Dizon did some advance taping for their soap Ika-6 Na Utos of GMA-7 since she would be vacationing in the U.S. with estranged husband Timothy and their two children.

“To be honest,” she said in obvious reference to their forthcoming U.S. trip, “we are all leaving for the States and si Tim ay sasama. We’re leaving on the 21st and I’m very happy na my dad knows of our situation na parang hindi kami nagkabalikan ni Timo pero magkaibigan kami for the children and my dad supports that.

Inasmuch as separated na raw talaga sila ng estranged husband niyang si Timothy but they are co-parenting and the set-up works for the two of them.

“I’m OK with that kasi pro-family. Yung mga anak ko, okey naman sila. Masaya sila, nakakasama nila yung dad nila.

“Sometimes, Tim and I, we still go out as a family. We have dinner sometimes. We attend school events as a family. I’m OK with that kasi masaya yung mga anak ko.

“Pero yung sasabihin mo na magbabalikan uli as husband and wife, parang sa akin sa ngayon, wala pa ako sa point na ‘yon.

“Hindi kami super friends but, I mean, we’re very civil. Kumbaga, kapag nakita kami ni Tim na nasa labas, puwede mong isipin na nagkabalikan na sila pero hindi po. We’re just being civil and  I think, perfect yung term na co-parenting para sa aming dalawa.

“Happy yung mga anak ko. Actually, si Doreen, very matured,” she said of her six-year-old daughter.

“Parang one time, siyempre, nakikita ko naman sa anak ko na kapag Sunday, lumalabas kami as a family, nagmo-mall kami, yung anak ko, parang kinikilig na hindi mo maintindihan.

“Sinasabi niya sa friend niya na, ‘It’s a very good day. We’re out as a family.’

“Minsan, ikinukuwento sa akin ng friend ko, ‘O humo-hopia na naman ang anak mo.’

“Ang gagawin ko, kinakausap ko siya kasi I don’t want to confuse her also. I tell her, ‘Doreen, did you understand that mom and dad are OK? We are friends.’

“Ang isasagot niya sa akin parati, ‘Yeah, mom. I’m happy that you and dad are OK. You’re friends, instead of you together, but fighting.’

Kapag ganun na ang usapan, speechless na raw si Sunshine. For how could a six-year-old kid talk like that?

But for how long would the set-up work?

“Ewan ko, kasi honestly,” she asseverated, “I’m at a point in my life wherein I don’t want to get married naman. I don’t have plans, honestly, of getting married again or getting into a relationship.

“I’m happy with my career and I’m happy with my children, so parang ayoko nang guluhin.

With regards naman daw sa relationship niya with Timothy, so far, okay naman daw sila. For one, they don’t quarrel anymore. And she has learned not to ask any questions.

Kung mag-date man raw ang kanyang ex o kung nasaan man siya, she never asks. Basta ang mahalaga, pagdating raw sa mga bata, they are okay and the set-up works wonderfully well.

Kung gumawa raw ng effort ang kanyang asawa to win you back, hindi pa rin daw siya sure. May pain pa rin siyang nararamdaman that’s why she’s not ready for anything intimate.


GMA Digital TV signal now covers Mega Manila

GMA Network’s digital TV signal now covers the entire Mega Manila area, giving more reasons for Kapuso viewers to enjoy their favorite GMA and GMA News TV programs.

Viewers from all parts of Metro Manila and in the nearby provinces of Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, and parts of Pampanga can now enjoy a more colorful, more vibrant, clearer viewing experience with GMA’s digital signal through their digital TV boxes.

Viewers can enjoy GMA and GMA News TV’s full digital broadcast through their digital TV boxes in 3 easy steps. Press “Menu”, go to “Settings”, and under “Installation”, choose “Auto Search” or “Auto Scan”. Wait for the scan to finish and you’re done. Then just press “OK” or “Exit” and search for GMA and GMA News TV using the up and down buttons of your remote control.

For more inquiries on how to get GMA’s digital feed, viewers may also call GMA’s Digital TV hotline 462-8177, email or visit the @gmatvsignal Facebook page (from 6AM to 10PM) or log on

Kapuso viewers from other parts of Luzon as well as in Visayas and Mindanao, meanwhile, can expect GMA’s digital TV signal to be available in their areas soon.


Bea Alonzo looks good and trim because of Gerald Anderson

Anywhere she goes, Bea Alonzo has always attracted attention because of her svelte and lean figure.

Iba talaga ang kanyang hitsura lately na very slim and sexy.

In a recent encounter, Bea revealed that she’s been exercising daily all because she is so inspired by her rumored boyfriend, Gerald Anderson.

To date, nag-e-exercise raw siya at tumatakbo araw-araw dahil na-impluwensyahan siya ni Gerlad.

She was interviewed by the press at the story conference of her upcoming horror film Eerie at the Chronicle Lounge of ELJ Building of ABS-CBN.

Exercise, Bea intimated makes her feel good and her mood the following day is light and wonderful.

To date, more than one year na raw niya itong ginagawa at gradually ay nakakikita siya ng changes.

Bea also revealed the big shift she made in her diet.

She has supposedly stopped eating meat but rice has been a staple of her new diet.

Pescatarian na raw siya (Pesco-vegatarian) dahil she eats no less than seafoods and vegetables.

Hopefully, matuluy-tuloy na sana raw ito.

But Bea said that she doesn’t deprive herself of treats once in a while.

Kumakain raw siya ng mga junk foods, maraming chocolates.

Kumbaga, balanse raw naman ang buhay niya at masaya.

“I try to live a balanced diet,” she said in earnest, “kasama na ang exercise run.”


Nagkabalikan na ba sina JM de Guzman at Meg Imperial?

Nag-post ng series of wacky photos ang dad ni JM de Guzman na si Ronniel de Guzman.

Mukhang back in each other’s arms ang dalawa dahil ilang beses na silang nakikitang magkasamang lumalabas lately.

Last December 11, JM shared a photo with his brother and Meg while eating in an undisclosed resto.

Mukhang nag-e-enjoy ang ama ni JM to play “paparazzi” in some of his shots while JM and Meg seemed to be having a grand time in (again) undisclosed place.

In the past, JM and Meg had a mutual understanding of sort but everything changed when Jessy Mendiola entered the picture.

But Meg has remained in love with the soft-spoken dude.

Meg said in an interview last 2016 that she never did have ill feelings towards JM.

“I’m always there for him,” she said in earnest, “to support him na naka-recover…

“I want to be that kind of person who will support him.”

And with that, ito po ang Kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nhong! DAPAT LANG!/PETE G. AMPOLOQUIO, JR.

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