JUDGING from the sheer number of people who attended a rally calling for a revolutionary government that coincided with the birth anniversary of national hero Andres Bonifacio, it appears that our government policy makers have a lot of contemplating to do.

Although President Duterte himself has on several occasions already brushed aside the idea, there are still groups from within his camp that are pushing for the same.

The socialist labor group Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) has expressed its disgust on the proposal specifically noting that changing the Constitution in favor of federalism would open up the local economy to complete foreign ownership.

BMP president Leody de Guzman said the move would dismantle the protectionist provisions in the 1987 Constitution which could result to return to the colonization of the country by foreign capitalists.

De Guzman noted that decentralizing the national government into federal states would not actually mean that taxes and public funds collected from the countryside would benefit the rural poor.

“This argument is a sham. We know all too well that each province and region is controlled by warlords and political dynasties that rule over their territories with iron gloves without an iota of respect for due processes of law” he pointed out.

While his arguments might have some valid points, those favoring revgov which in essence can eventually result to federalism, have also strong arguments.

In fact, I personally believe that a revolutionary government if genuinely implemented can lead to true social transformation because it could dismantle the long-standing rule of the elite.

It could also help in doing away with the prevailing unjust political, justice and economic systems that tend to favor only the rich and the powerful.

The truth is a revgov is not a bad idea if properly executed because in the end, the majority of Filipinos would benefit. OPEN LINE/BOBBY RICOHERMOSO

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