Ang tarugo ni Diego…bow!

PINAG-USAPAN kaagad sa social media ang pasabog na nude photo ni Diego Loyzaga.

Bagama’t binura na niya ang kanyangg nude photo niya sa kanyang Instagram account ay na-screen shot naman ito ng Fashion Pulis kaya balewala rin.

It showed the actor in his birthday suit at hawak niya ang kanyang kargada.

With that ay naging trending topic sa social media ang nude photo na ‘yon ni Diego. Many were surprised on why he did that? Nagpapapansin ba siya? Super proud lang ba siya sa kanyang katawan kaya nagawa niyang kunan ang sarili habang nakahubad?

Pero marami rin ang nadismaya dahil hindi nila akalaing capable si Diego na mag-pose ng nude at i-post iyon sa kanyang Instagram account.

Nagtatanong rin ang fans kung bakit niya binura ang photo niyang iyon? May nagsasabing merong nag-advice sa kanya na burahin iyon dahil hindi maganda sa kanyang image.

So, how did his fans react to his nude photo?

“Ano na ba ang nangyayari sa utak ng tao ngayon….LAHAT na lang ibinibilad sa media…ano ang gusto patunayan sana hindi ka kagaya ng tatay mo na Cesar na mahilig hmmm…?” said one fan.

“Nagkamali? O sinadya para magpapansin? Hahaha Starting the year right si bagets! Hahaha,” say ng isa pang supporter.


Maine Mendoza conquered her fear of height when she posted her skydiving video.

“I have always wondered how it would feel to fly. How do birds feel when they soar through the sky. How it feels to see everything from up above. I was fortunate enough to experience this in the magic city— Miami.

“Funny thing, I almost cried while sitting inside the aircraft– incredibly nervous and happy– because DAMN I cannot believe I am actually doing this! (There is nothing more nerve-racking than the anticipation; from signing the waiver to the plane ride up; and when they open that motherfriggin door mid-flight! Jusko ang puso ko!) But when we jumped off, I felt nothing but absolute bliss. For the most part, it felt unreal to me. It was breathtaking– literally, too. It was amazing. Best part is I didn’t pee my shorts! Seriously though, I cannot believe I actually did it; I took the ultimate plunge! I was so freakin scared but still I made it alive. Lol! Next on my bucket list is to do it alone. (Charot, semi-not charot!) It made me realize most of the things worth doing starts with being nervous or terrified. You just gotta take the leap and make it happen. You might just be amazed at what you could achieve and how far your jump can take you ONLY if you take the chance. Sabi nga sa Nike, “just do it”! Some things are always worth a try. At the end of the day, chances are you’ll be thanking yourself for taking the risk because it made you happy… or at least alive.

“I hope we all get to experience new things and collect wonderful memories this 2018! Happy New Year, everybody!”

That was her lengthy caption sa kanyang IG video.

Ang daming nag-react na fans ni Maine but this one nailed it: “Very inspirational message Maine!!!! Thats why i love you and will stick to u no matter what! As lonely as i am to have started my new year, when i came reading your message, it just gabe me hope again.. it just made me realize things.. things that are there in my face all the time but i never really took the time to notice or see.. things that i already know but didn’t understand, things right here beside me that i didn’t pay attention to… oh Maine i dont check your IG daily but when i do, i always learn something and get something to keep me going. You are so damn right… things that make us overwhelmingly nervous and scared.. after we’ve done are way past it, it’s when it all makes sense. Yes we have to challenge ourselves everytime to be better, stronger and self-fulfilled. I really do need more challenges in my life to keep me alive. The struggle is real!” UNCUT/ALEX BROSAS

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