Glorified promo girl lang!

MAY lipstick collab si Maine something at nag-rejoice ang fans niya.

But there’s one basher who burst their bubble and ranted against them.

“Paisa lang. I just want to pop their bubble. “1. Magkaiba ang endorser sa influencer. Ang endorser may posters, TVCs, and extensive & expensive ad campaigns. Ang influencer hanggang promotional events, online posts, and HTs lang. “Kung sino-sino ang kinukuha niyang MAC. Latest endorser nga nila for their fragrance line is Blac Chyna, former stripper/baby momma of Rob Kardashian. Magyabang kayo kung Lancome ang kumuha sa kanya and endorser talaga siya and ka-liga niya sina Julia Roberts, etc. lol “glorified promo girl lang naman yang pagiging influencer lol.”

That was the basher’s aria na siyempre pa’y hindi pinalagpas ng fans ni Maine.

So ano problema mo? MAC is still multi national company kung problema mo AY c Maine e di wag kang bumili, di naman kayo kawalan kung di kayo bibili ng MAC, ang tanong lahat ba sa grupo nyong mga kupal kaya bumili ng MAC? At ba bagay din ba sa inyo kung lancome or any other brand?

Ano ba ang mas maimpluwensiya ngaun, tv ads o social media..influencer or endorser eh, prho lng na nagrerepresent ng produkto, ang mhlaga..may pinay na ksali..oh ano kung influencer,helow mac un..pag wla kng pambili mnahimik k nlng.pang 4 na ppinakamahal ng cosmetic. hahahahahahaha! endorser or influencer kebs basta SUPER proud ang ADN period.wala ka na magagawa dun….nagulantang lng pagkatao mo sa ingay ng ganap ni Meng….hirap ba tanggapin?

“Neng..wag ka na mainggit. Hayaan mo..pagpray ka namin na maging influencer ka din. Start from us. Who knows you can go bigtime influencer like Maine. You will go places..earn millions…enjoy mo lang ang buhay. Be happy for others. Dadating din happiness mo.”

Nabanas ang fans ni Maine Something dahil pinapaboran ng isang noontime show si Alden Something.

Mahaba ang aria ng isang fan ni Maine sa Twitter.

“It’s very disappointing to see SO VERY LITTLE of Maine today in Sugod Bahay – the only segment in Eat Bulaga where fans can enjoy her presence and ssee her engaged with people. For some reason, whenyou put Alden on the panel, you had to take away so much of Maine’s exposure. The studio camera showed Alden with the panel and many times in close-up even when he had no intelligent contribution to the discussion other than to howl or repeat was has already been said. Maine, who had valid questions to ask the winner, was always out of frame even when she was seated beside the winner, if not, completely covered by Wally even when she can be heard speaking. It’s not fair to give exposure to Alden at the expanse of Maine in her only segment in Eat Bulaga. If you want to promote Alden, give him more speaking lines in HIS own segments. Don’t take away from Maine in order to give to Alden. I think you know that Sugod Bahay is the most watched segment in Eat Bulaga right now since Maine cameback, and it’s because people love seeing Maine in her element without Alden’s baggage bearing her down. Today, we watched Sugod Bahay without Maine in it even when she’s there. It’s bad enough that the tabloid writers who dined at Alden’s press banquet continue to use Maine to promote GMA’s actors, but for Eat Bulaga to treat her the same way is disconcerting. Equal treatment for Maine is all we ask, give her the opportunity to shine on HER OWN. She earned it.”

With that, tiyak na maba-bash na naman si Alden Something. UNCUT / Alex Brosas

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