Dealing With a Sex Addict Partner

WHEN we’re starting a relationship we rarely think about the possibility of our partners cheating on us. How can you start building something when you think about the negative outcomes? When we think about cheating the only logical conclusion is a breakup. But sometimes adultery happens against your partner’s will. When your partner is a sex addict, hurting you may be the last thing he or she wants to do, but he hurts you against his or her will. When it comes to sex addiction, breaking up may not be the best decision that you’ll make. But how to deal with a sex addict partner? Let’s check it out with


Be with Your Partner

Even after learning that your partner’s affairs on the side are the result of sex addiction, you can’t help but trying to isolate yourself from your partner. Moreover, you often want to isolate yourself from the world. But that won’t help solving the problem. You need to be with your partner, if you really want to find the solution. Moreover, you need to talk about it with your friends or, even, a shrink that will help you understand the problem deeper, as well as understanding your true attitude to your partner’s affairs on the side. So, the best decision is constantly talking it over with your partner, and creating your own support group consisting of your friends in order to find the solution of the problem.


Learn More About Addiction

Once again, don’t turn away from your partner. Instead try digging some information on sex addiction. This would help you understand that cheating on you against his or her own will may be as traumatic for your partner, as it is for you. Understanding how serious the problem is for your partner, as well as understanding the origins of this problem, may help you find the way out of the situation. Moreover, understanding the origins of the problem and talking them over with your partner may help you finding the best way to cure your partner from sex addiction.


Find Your Partner a Therapy

 If you really want to help your partner, you need to find the best therapy for him or her. One of the best variants is finding a shrink for your sex addicted boyfriend or girlfriend. While you may talk it over, the shrink is a professional, and professional is what you really need to find the solution of the problem. Another possible variant is therapy groups, where other sex addicts exchange their experiences on coping with the addiction. Hearing about experiences of others may help your partner finding the way out.

So, instead of turning your back on your partner, you should support him or her, as sex addiction hurts him or her as much as it hurts you. But you need to set your own boundaries and figure out how much you want to get involved into solving this problem, otherwise it will just make no sense. You may help your partner only when it is your pure desire. You won’t get any positive result if your desire to help is imposed on by others or when you think of it as of something obligatory.

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