Maine, inisnab si Bossing at Joey?

“DID Maine Mendoza snub Joey de Leon & Bossing Vic Sotto?”

That was the title of a short article ng fan ni Alden Something. Obviously, iniintriga niya si Maine Something sa kanyang short aria.

“Asking for a DABARKAD. Maybe Maine Mendoza didn’t see Joey de Leon and Vic Sotto when she said hi to Allan K and Tito Sen. Maybe she already said hi to them backstage. Maybe Joey and Bossing should have made the first move because you know, Maine is the messiah of Eat Bulaga?? Siguro dapat si Joey and Bossing ang nag-adjust. Alrighty then!”

That’s the blogger’s aria against Maine Something. She showed the video taken during one of the episodes of a noontime show kung saan dinaanan lang ni Maine sina Joey at Vic. She chatted for a few seconds kay Tito Sen matapos niyang batiin si Allan K.

Clearly, pinalalabas ng basher ni Maine na sinadyang hindi pansinin ng dalaga sina Bossing Vic at Joey. Hate na hate yata ng blogger si Maine kaya ganoon na lang ang kanyang aria sa dalaga.

Spell inggit?


No less than President Rodrigo Duterte greeted Sharon Cuneta on Instagram.

“Ma’m Sharon, thank you for remembering me. I am your good friend ang my daughter Sarah, eh, talagang (fan mo). Ma’m Sharon, thank you for remembering me. I am your good friend ang my daughter Sarah, eh, ina-idolize ka hanggang ngayon ang I’m happy that she has chosen the right person to be an inspiration sa kanya. She has been an avid admirer, supporter. Ako rin for the many thngs that you have done for me and for my family. I’m grateful. Maraming salamat at may you live for a thousand years.”

‘Yan ang pagbati ni President Duterte kay Sharon.

Super grateful naman si Sharon sa greetings ni President Duterte sa kanya.

“Wow. Thank you very much, Mr. President, Sir, my “Tatay Digong”!!! All politics aside and with all due respect to my husband who so understands my “wala akong pakialam sa politika” stand, I got this precious gift of a message (taken a few evenings ago) from President Rodrigo Duterte himself!!! You may not know this but Davao City Mayor Sarah and I have been friends since 2012.

We never cared about each other’s politics, though I adore her as much as she, a “Sharonian” as the President himself once said, must adore me too. I am blessed that she and I are sincere and thoughtful enough to separate politics from what after all is more lasting – our friendship. Now I have this message to treasure forever! ALL POLITICS ASIDE, Excuse me po, pero si Pangulong Duterte po ito! So sorry am not sorry but in fact, am thrilled! Maraming salamat po, Mr. President. Ang yabang ko po ngayon dahil dito! And one day, I shall sing your favorite “IKAW” for you! God bless you po. May our Father in heaven guide you and lead you only to what will make our country great. (Thank you Kiko for your understanding and respect for me as your very apolitical/unpolitical wife.) Posting with permission. ( Kuya Chet, I know you’re happy but inggit ka no?!!! Hahaha!).”

‘Yan naman ang message ng megastar. UNCUT/ALEX BROSAS

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