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NAKATAKDA na palang lumipat si Julia Barretto sa sarili n’yang bahay. After all 21 years old na siya, “of legal age” na, ‘ika nga.

At may blessing ng ina n’yang si Marjorie Barretto ang paglipat n’ya. Sa Instagram post mismo ni Marjorie namin napag-alaman ang nakatakdang paglipat ni Julia sa sarili n”yang bahay. Nabanggit yon ni Marjorie sa napaka-touching na pagbati n’ya kay Julia nung birthday ng batang aktres nung March 10.

Heto ang mahabang pagbati na yon na lumabas sa Instagram/marjbarretto: “She is every mother’s dream daughter. She is proud to tell people how much she loves me, and she shows me that in every way every day.

“A few days ago, she texted me and wrote ‘What will I ever do without you, Mom?’ Deep inside I was so flattered to know that, but I also know how strong you are, there’s nothing you cannot do or conquer, with or without me. And I will be just behind you, praying and cheering you on.

“In a few months, you will be out of my home (Now I want to cry; [this is followed by three emoticons of sadness]). Please know that my home and my arms will always be open to you forever. Happy birthday, my dearest Julia. I love you.”

Hindi binanggit ni Marjorie kung nasaang lugar ang sariling bahay na lilipatan ni Julia.

* * *

Ang saya-saya nga pala ng mga anak ni Marjorie at mga kamag-anak nila nung nagpa-party siya nung March 5 para kay Julia sa bahay nila sa Ayala Land Ferndale sa Quezon City.

May mga artista ring dumalo sa Mexican-themed birthday party na ang pangunahing nagplano ay si Marjorie mismo, ayon sa isa pa n’yang Instagram post. Dumalo sina Yassi Pressman, Bela Padilla, Rita Atayde, Janella Salvador, Maris Racal, Dominique Roque, Enchong Dee, Rayver Cruz, at IC Mendoza.

Hindi nabanggit na dumalo sa party sina Gretchen at Claudine, pati na ang ama ni Julia na si Dennis Padilla. We are, of course, assuming na inimbita sila at di lang nga nakarating.

* * * *

Pero habang ang saya-saya ng mga anak at ilang kamag-anak ni Marjorie Barretto, ang kapatid naman n’yang si Claudine Barretto ay mistulang nagdurusa. At yon ay dahil sa pagdaramdam n’ya sa mga reaction ng ilang netizens sa isang Instagram post ng anak n’yang si Sabina Santiago.

Kamakailan ay ipinost ng bata ang mensaheng ito sa Instagram n’yang /supersabswag13: “Your soul mate is not another person’s spouse. Sorry.”

Pinapaniwalaang ang mensaheng yon ay para kay AC Legaeda, ang napabalitang girlfriend ng ama n’yang si Raymart Santiago.

Ang mensaheng yon ni Sabina ay sinundan ng mensaheng: “My dad broke my heart way before any boy had the chance to. Someday you’ll realize the damage that you’ve caused.”

May netizens na tinuligsa si Sabina dahil sa ipinost n’yang yon. Sumagot sa pamamagitan ng napakahabang post si Claudine para ipagtanggol ang anak sa pamamagitan ng Instagram n’yang /claubarretto. Heto ang ilang sipi mula sa Instagram reply ng matagal nang inactive na aktres: “To make things clear so you understand kahit a bit of what Sab, Saint [Santino, her son] and I have been going through when Raymart and I separated a few years back I BEGGED him to have that conversation separated parents do to explain that daddy and mommy love you and will always be there for you both but cannot be together…”

Ayon kay Claudine, hindi pinaliwanagan ni Raymart ang mga anak nila kahit na ilang beses na n’ya itong pinakiusapan: “It was I who again begged Rayart to go through counselling, just the three of them, so they would feel loved, safe and secure despite our separation.”

May ibinulgar din si Claudine na isa pang umano’y pagkukulang ng ex-husband n’ya: “Also the court ordered that Raymart’s visitations would have been every Saturday. But Raymart was not consistent in visiting our children.

“I allowed and still allow him to come & visit the kids anytime he wants kahit may TPO (temporary restraining order) he goes in and out of our home. It is I who beg Raymart to go to the events in school (pahirapan pa ‘yun & even the Heads of the school calls him para lang um-attend).”

She continued, “It was I who asked Raymart to stay true to his promise both in court and sa akin to undergo counselling but to no avail. Ako rin po ang nagsabi ‘We failed as husband and wife, let us not fail as parents!’”

Claudine’s children attend counselling two to three times a month and she stopped working so Sabina and their son “would feel secure and safe knowing that one parent is there when they need us.”

May bashers na nagsususpetsang inudyukan ni Claudine si Sabina na mag-post ng hinaing n’ya tungkol sa kanyang ama–pero mariing itinanaggi ito ng aktres.

Sa halip, sinabi n’yang: “This relationship thing of Raymart isn’t the first in years. There were and are others and I really don’t care. My only request is for him to explain this to my kids but he consistently denies that he has a girlfriend. So he doesn’t feel the need to explain, so ok…”

Banat pa n’ya sa ex-husband n’ya: “My daughter is being bashed for protecting herself and her brother, when that is the only way she knows how because she cannot open or talk to her Dad who by the way does not visit once a week.

“As much as I don’t want to put Raymart in a bad light, our child is being bashed. You all can say many things about me but if there is one thing I can be proud of is that I am a damn good mom! I don’t coach or talk bad about their father because he has proven that very well to them. I would never put hatred in my children’s minds and heart.”

Thirteen years old pa lang si Sabina. SHOWBYTES /DANNY VIBAS

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