Indonesian Bar Association, Himpunan Advokat Pengacara Indonesia (HAPI)

In Indonesia, the second country visited during the 26th Peace Tour, the HWPL peace delegation discov- ered an opportunity that would become the turning point in the direction of achieving “harmony inside of peace”.

On January 27th, the President of Himpunan Advokat Pengacara Indonesia (HAPI) and 13 lawyers gathered in Jakarta to discuss the establishment of a legal framework for settling disputes of the national and international society to secure peace. At the event, the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW were in- troduced as a mechanism to strengthen the peaceful coexistence among nations, peoples and religions, as well as to expand peace awareness through peace education and the spreading of a culture of peace.

“HWPL is committed to bringing world peace and cessation of war through the establishment of an enforceable law compatible with the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW, which can prohibit all kinds of armed conflicts. Thus, the people of Indonesia are also responsible for advocating peace building

through a legal foundation in the country. This is one of the obvious solutions for the achievement of sus- tainable peace.” said Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, emphasizing the need for the international society’s advocation and cooperation.

“The solution for eradicating the structural causes of violent conflicts is not through force or the use of armed weapons, but rather through the enactment of a peace-related law compatible with the DPCW.” added Ms. Hyun Sook Yoon, the acting Chairwoman and Director of IWPG HQ.

Mrs. Dr. Hj. Elza Syarief SH. MH., Chairwoman of HAPI, stated, “HWPL has a great vision to achieve peace all over the world. Also, I am moved that all members of HWPL are working voluntarily for peace. I think HAPI members will work together for peace building with HWPL,” expressing high expectations and ambitions for a peace movement in Indonesia.

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