Six kinds of people you are likely to encounter at a music festival

The Wanderland Music and Arts Festival, powered by Globe, is coming up and fans are counting down the days when they can see their favorite singers and bands perform. This year’s lineup features Kodaline, Jhené Aiko, FKJ, Daniel Caesar, Lauv, and Bag Raiders, along with performances from top local acts Jess Connelly, QUEST, IV of Spades, Ben&Ben, Asch, Basically Saturday Night, and Carousel Casualties.

While the artists line up continue to change every year, you are likely to encounter six kinds of people who could make the event livelier, interesting, or sometimes a pain. Check out this list and maybe, you can even see yourself in them!

1. The stan
The most prominent person you’ll see at any music festival is the stan. Stans are different from fans because they’re more intense and know more about the musicians performing than anyone else. They can sing along to the discography of all the performers and even name the members of the bands. Their energy is contagious and they can tell you the title of a song you end up liking.

2. The casual fan
The opposite of the stan is the casual fan. They’re at the musical festival because they know one or two musicians, and maybe even one or two songs from them. They’re there to support their friend or their partner, and will stand awkwardly during the performances of the singers they don’t know. They can be fun, too, because they usually end up liking someone new.

3. The foodie
The foodie is the one who knows the best deals when it comes to food. You’ll never go hungry when you’re with them because they always have something to eat and drink. After all, you can’t enjoy the music on an empty stomach. The foodie is the optimist who won’t mind lining up for the best tacos and when you’re at a music festival with them, you can trust that they’ll serve up the most delicious treats.

4. The superstar
You know a superstar when you see one. They’re the ones who seem to know everyone at the festival. They’re not celebrities but they’re so friendly that the event is like their own private party. Expect to meet different people when you’re with the superstar. Chances are, they’re friends with an artist too!

5. The fashionista

The fashionista will arrive at the festival as if it was his or her cover shoot. Expect to see them at their trendiest festival wear, from crop tops to tribal prints, boots, large sunglasses, and hats. They’re dressed to impress but the veterans know never to sacrifice comfort for style. The fashionistas at music festivals know how to balance looking good and feeling good.

6. The ‘grammer

Trailing behind the fashionista is the ‘grammer, who’re always on their phones. They’re the ones snapping everything they see for their social media. Some people may find them annoying because their phones are blocking performances but they take the most beautiful shots of the bands and the venue. Plus points for them as they can take your next Insta photo!

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