September 5, 2022 @ 6:46 PM 4 weeks ago

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has yet to appoint Bureau Of Immigration’s top official pending its scrutiny of the qualifications and track record of the best man for the job.

We have reasons to believe that the President’s foremost consideration in picking the next commissioner of the agency is an untainted image free from any controversies hounding the department for a long time now.

We know for a fact that Immigration is likened to Bureau of Customs where officials are reported to be earning beyond their salaries, amassing wealth to buy mansions, and living in extravagance because of their involvements to unabated racketeering businesses between importers and crooked government people inside the agency.

PBBM is having a hard time appointing the right man to lead the department that has been the subject of an expose’ by Senator Risa Hontiveros named Pastillas scheme where undocumented Chinese personalities were secretly slipped into the country in 2017 through the aid of some unscrupulous Immigration officials in exchange of fat payoffs from the tourists’ handlers posing as travel agency employees.

Reports had it that Pastillas fiasco started the influx of Chinese in the country who landed here as POGO workers and pinpointed by authorities to be involved in criminal activities such as kidnapping, human trafficking, drugs, murder and other organized crimes.

Although criminal and administrative cases have been filed against those involved in the controversies but according to sources inside, they were just mere employees of the agency who followed orders from their bosses who were the real culprits of this syndicated scheme.

In fact, insiders say that some officials involved in the Pastillas issue had gone big-time after a year from its expose’ where undocumented tourists were charged a million each or more to be able to enter in Philippines, believed to have the blessings of some top honcho of the previous administration.

Meaning to say, PBBM is not only faced with appointing the most credible official to head one of the highly controversial departments, but to eradicate remnants of the syndicate considered to be the patrons of the scheme, and replace them with “unrecycled” personalities with moral ascendancy.

After all, this boils down to the President’s advocacy for good governance to keep reliable and competent people in the passenger ship tasked to sail for a safe voyage.