‘Lighted Fountain’ At A park in Malabon Unveiled

‘Lighted Fountain’ At A park in Malabon Unveiled

September 13, 2022 @ 2:06 PM 3 weeks ago

MALABON Mayor Jeannie Sandoval and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman Carlo Antonio Dimayuga III led other government and barangay officials in unveiling recently the first-ever lighted fountain at a renovated 1, 580 square meter park in Barangay Dulong Duhat.

The plaza featured three chess tables, swing benches, kiddie rides, and its ground painted with traditional Filipino outdoor games like ‘piko,’ ‘tumbang preso,’ ‘luksong baka’ and ‘luksong tinik.’

On orders from the mayor, the city’s Planning and Development Department (CPDD) redesigned the recreational site to be ‘ecologically thematic’ aimed at raising public awareness on renewable energy since some lights in it were solar power.

Barangay Chairman Wenceslao Dela Cruz expressed his gratitude to the first woman mayor of Malabon and MMDA for reviving the Hulong Duhat Plaza.

Sandoval said the project was only an initial collaboration by her administration and MMDA as they vowed to construct and improve other parks in Malabon.

“These parks will surely be helpful in boosting the economy and tourism of the city,” said Sandoval, the wife of former Rep. Ricky Sandoval, the father of the Cityhood Law of Malabon.

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Caloocan City Mayor Along Malapitan and the local government will start holding a grand annual Children’s Day to honor the kids, ‚Äúthe next leader in the near future.”

Initially, the mayor and his wife, Aubrey Malapitan, marked September 10 as the city’s Children’s Day with an event wherein the latter led the story-telling activity aimed at encouraging the parents to bond with their children more through reading.

The children who participated enjoyed several activities including face painting, taking their photos at the photo booth, free snacks, vitamins and playing at the inflatable play park.

“We aimed here in Caloocan to celebrate an annual Children’s Day to honor our children and gear the city’s programs towards building a better community for them,” the former lawmaker-turned-mayor said.

During the time of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., he declared the first Monday of October of each year as the Universal Children’s Day in the Philippines.