December 10, 2021 @ 8:15 AM 10 months ago

THE image of an ABS-CBN crew waving his middle finger on Marcos supporters lined up along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City on Wednesday morning was just too much to bear even for a veteran journalist like me who has friends inside their company and has supported the embattled TV network during their most trying times.

The actuation of the crew was just way out of the border and no amount of explanation will suffice to justify his folly.

The frustration of having to crawl for hours while passing through a sea of humanity wearing their trademark red and green T-shirts was insufferable and taxing, to say the least, and a challenge to one’s endurance and patience even for seasoned journalists.

The BBM-Sara UniTeam motorcade was a show of force, at the very least, and a calculated move by the organizers to measure their strength in one of the vote-rich cities in Metro Manila.

Traffic was stalled along major thoroughfares where the snail-paced caravan passed by and the tolerance of those who were affected, especially those who were against Marcos, was at a boiling point.

Be that as it may, the argument whether the caravan was justifiable or it was just a nuisance is relative depending on where you are sitting and who you are supporting.

It is understandable if ordinary Johns and Janes react violently if they were not up to it, but for a media practitioner to react wildly is the height of ignorance and intolerance.

What made the picture so disgusting is that the crew was riding in a vehicle bearing his network’s logo. Visibly agitated Marcos supporters took to social media to lambast the giant TV network.

A journalist, no matter how biased and bigoted he is, represents his company first and foremost. What you do reflects not only your breeding but the company you represent.

I understand the frustration of the crew since he was passing through a hostile crowd who have always questioned his employee’s sense of integrity, fairness, and balance.

Maybe he was provoked. Maybe he was just giving the hecklers a taste of their own medicine. Who knows?

But the bone of contention here is that you are a media practitioner and YOU ARE REPRESENTING YOUR PRINCIPAL whenever you are on the job and you should act accordingly.