AFP ‘di magdedeklara ng ceasefire sa NPA ngayong kapaskuhan

AFP ‘di magdedeklara ng ceasefire sa NPA ngayong kapaskuhan

December 13, 2022 @ 4:12 PM 2 months ago

MANILA, Philippines- Iginiit ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) nitong Martes na hindi ito magdedeklara ng ceasefire sa Communist Party of the Philippines–New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) para sa kapaskuhan.

“Ceasefire is ruled out because of leadership vacuum within the CPP after the neutralization of many of its top leaders,” mensahe ni AFP spokesperson Colonel Medel Aguilar.

“With only five active guerilla fronts, the insurgents’ capability to mount terrorism has been significantly degraded,” dagdag niya.

Ito ang naging tugon niya nang tanungin kung kinokonsidera ng AFP ang pagdedeklara ng suspension of military operations (SOMO) laban sa mga rebeldeng komunista.

“It is up to the AFP leadership to declare SOMO or not,” aniya.

“We pray that the insurgents will also be allowed to go to their families and think about their future. We hope that come the New Year, their resolution will be to abandon armed struggle and all forms of violence that destroy human lives and property,” patuloy ng opisyal. RNT/SA