After 18 years, Troy at Aubrey, kasal na!

After 18 years, Troy at Aubrey, kasal na!

June 11, 2022 @ 5:00 PM 2 weeks ago

Manila, Philippines – A lot of relationships go through challenges after years of being together.

Minsan, ang katagalan nang relasyon ang nagiging dahilan for couples to break up. Wala nang excitement at kilig kumbaga.

Pero mukhang it’s different sa couple na sina Aubrey Miles at Troy Montero dahil after 18 long years, they didn’t break up, they tied the knot instead!

Makikita sa photos sa Instagram accounts ng dalawa na it was a civil marriage officiated by Mandaluyong Mayor Carmelita Abalos.

2003 nang maging magkasintahan sina Troy at Aubrey, 18 years after, Troy popped the question at ito na nga, they are now married! Paula Jonabelle Ignacio