November 17, 2022 @ 11:26 AM 3 weeks ago

CALOOCAN City Rep. Oca Malapitan said that at least four public hearings were already conducted wherein residents have initially indicated their support for the redistricting of the country’s biggest barangay – Bagong Silang – into seven aimed for faster and more efficient of delivery of services to them, among others.

He also said that the House committee had already given its green light oillages.
Malapitan is convinced that Bagong Silang will likely soon to lose its title as the largest barangay all over the Philippines if his proposed measure will finally get the nod of his colleagues.

“With the positive responses from affected villagers, there is a bigger chance that Bagong Silang will soon be subdivided into 7 villages.”

“It is about time for the biggest barangay in the country – Barangay Bagong Silang – to be subdivided into seven districts which will be separated and independent from one another,” he added.

The proposed districts out of Barangay 176 will be Barangay 76-A which shall be composed of Phases 1 and 4; Barangay 176-B, Phase 2, 3 and 5; Barangay 176-C, Phase 7; Barangay 176-D, Phase 8; Barangay 176-E, Phase 9; and Barangay 176-F, Phase 10.

Bagong Silang has currently more than 350, 000 population, which got its title as the biggest barangay all over the country.

Once the redistricting is approved, the residents can expect a faster and more efficient delivery of programs and services, according to Malapitan.

He said the Commission on Elections will conduct and supervise a plebiscite to be held in Barangay 176 within 90 days from the effectivity of his bill.

The lawmaker’s son, Mayor Along Malapitan said the proposed subdivision of Barangay 176 into seven villages will be a victory for thousands of residents in the area.

“We have been planning about the separation of Barangay 176 into more villages or districts and it was good to know that my father is now putting extra efforts to finally realize this dream that is a win-win solution for the affected city residents,” the mayor said.

The Malapitans have expressed optimism that the local electorate will overwhelmingly say yes during the plebiscite for the new villages out of Barangay 176.