May 31, 2022 @ 7:23 PM 4 weeks ago

RE-ELECTED Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte has nothing but praises for Dra. Loysa Orense and her BantAI COVID Program for their huge contribution along with its over 150 doctors, some were from other places in the country, for their selfless acts when they engaged themselves in contact tracing, telemedicine and hospital referrals that helped over 300, 000 residents at the height of the pandemic.

Their volunteerism has largely helped the city government in its Covid-19 response especially during the peak of the deadly disease where they had difficulty in fully attending to the residents especially in contact tracing and hospital referrals, Mayor Belmonte said.

City Health Department chief Dr. Esperanza Arias and City Epidemiology and Surveillance head Dr. Rolando Cruz were all prai­ses too for the doctors led by Dr. Orense for offering their services for free during the pandemic.

‚ÄúAt first, when she (Orense) approached us, we didn‚Äôt readily pay attention to her since at the time we‚Äôre all preoccupied in our Covid-19 response but when she mentioned about large number of doctors who will help the city go¬≠vernment on voluntary basis, we were amazed and they really did a great job!‚ÄĚ they said.

Dra. Orense and her team initiated and volunteered the program for the local government that has effectively used it especially for contact tracing. The program was an artificial intelligence-powered SMS (short message service) system deve­loped by Dra. Orense’s Vireo Loadworks Inc. which also helped the city government in monitoring areas especially those with reports of Covid-19 cases, telemedicine and hospital referrals specifically those under quarantine.

The city health officials said the BantAI COVID Program has attended to more than 300, 000 resi­dents during the peak of Covid-19 in the city which was the biggest in land area and population all over the country.

QC’s People’s Council created

According to Mayor Joy, the newly-established People‚Äôs Council of Quezon City (PCQC) will serve as the umbrella arm of over 2,000 city-accredited civil society organizations (CSO) primarily aimed at promoting citizen engagement in governance. The PCQC and CSO will work hand-in-hand with the local go¬≠vernment to ensure that every prog¬≠ram or policy would be responsive to the needs of the ‚ÄėQCitizens.‚Äô

She then led the oath-taking of the interim executive committee officers PCQC whose members include representatives from sectors of business, professional, women, homeowners’ associations, persons with disabilities, urban poor, solo parents, LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual), cooperatives, charitable/socio-civic, social justice/peace and order, health and sanitation, academe/education, youth, labor/workers, transportation, senior citizens, socio-cultural, environmental/urban protection/solid waste, livelihood/vendors and religious.

The city government also plans to add Muslim or Bangsa¬≠moro, sports and media in the represented sectors to form part of the People‚Äôs Council under the program: ‚ÄúListen to our citizens and understand what they need.‚ÄĚ