Biden sumulat kay Duterte; malakas na alyansa siniguro

Biden sumulat kay Duterte; malakas na alyansa siniguro

May 31, 2021 @ 5:22 PM 2 years ago

MANILA, Philippines – Siniguro ni US President Joe ang malakas na alyansa sa Pilipinas ayon kay Manila’s Ambassador to Washington Jose Manuel Romualdez.

Lahad ni Romualdez na sumulat si Biden kay Duterte “to inform him about how strongly the relationship between the United States and the Philippines will continue.”

“And he hopes that he will be able to meet in person with the President at some point in time,” dagdag nito.

Hindi naman tiyak kung kailan at paano magkikita si Duterte at Biden.

Ayon pa kay Romualdez na plano ring makipagpulong si Biden sa ilang lider ng Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) bago ang summit sa Brunei sa Nobyembre.

Matatandaang kinansela ni Duterte ang Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

“They are hopeful that President Duterte will of course extend the VFA because that’s part of the Mutual Defense Treaty,” saad ng ambassador.

“America would like us to continue with it but it is also ready in case it won’t happen. They are going to be disappointed I’m sure but they would like us to continue to have a good relationship.” RNT/ELM