CHR umaasa ng settlement, pag-atras ng kaso sa mangga vs. Lolo Narding

CHR umaasa ng settlement, pag-atras ng kaso sa mangga vs. Lolo Narding

January 22, 2022 @ 3:00 PM 4 months ago

Manila, Philippines – Umaasa ang Commission on Human Rights (CHR) na iaatras ang kaso sa 80-anyos na lalaki na sinasabing nanguha ng nalaglag na mangga at madaan sa maayos na usapan.

“Cognizant of the costly and protracted nature of litigation, the Commission on Human Rights hopes that alternative means to settle the dispute be explored, an amicable agreement be reached, and possibly a desistance of the charge filed given the circumstances of the complaint and condition of the accused,” ani CHR spokesperson Attorney Jacqueline Ann de Guia.

Tinutukoy ng CHR dito ang kaso laban kay Leonardo Flores na naaresto noong Enero 13 sa umano’y sinasabing pagnanakaw ng mangga sa Asingan, Pangasinan.

Naaresto si Flores sa bisa ng warrant na inisyu noong Disyembre 20, 2021 na inisyu ni Sarah Marcos-Martin ng 7th Municipal Circuit Trial Courts (MCTC) ng Asingan-San Manuel.

Sinabi na nakapanguha si Flores ng 10 kilong mangga ngunit idinepensang ito ay kanyang tanim.

“It is unfortunate that an 80-year old man has been sued for theft after picking mangoes from trees which, he asserts, was planted by himself. This incident, at the same time, highlights the importance of knowing one’s rights and the availability of legal assistance, especially for the vulnerable and marginalised citizens,” paliwanag pa ni De Guia.

“In this incident, we equally recognise the commendable acts of the Asingan police in Pangasinan in handling the case, as well as the legal assistance rendered by the Public Attorney’s Office to 80-year old. We continue to assert the importance of constitutional guarantees for the accused, including presumption of innocence, as well as all other rights related to upholding the due process and the rule of law. In the end, we must remember that laws are in place not only to exact accountability from perpetrators, but also to protect the vulnerable when needed.” RNT/FGDC