Confirmatory test ilaan sa symptomatic, vulnerable group – WHO

Confirmatory test ilaan sa symptomatic, vulnerable group – WHO

January 13, 2022 @ 8:02 AM 7 months ago

MANILA, Philippines – Sinabi ng World Health Organization na mas mainam na isagawa sa Pilipinas ang targeted testing, kasabay ng lumalakas na pahayag para sa mass testing.

Mas mainam rin na ireserba na lang ang confirmatory test sa “symptomatic people, especially symptomatic elderly and vulnerable people,” ani WHO representative to the Philippines Dr. Rabindra Abeyasinghe.

“Targeted testing is a better use of the resources on RT-PCR test and the hypothesis that if you have a confirmed case in a household and other people are asymptomatic there is no need to confirm testing, you just need to assume that it’s omicron, because it’s milder its more prudent to just isolate or quarantine as the case may be,” dagdag pa ni Abeyasinghe.

Samantala, iginiit niya rin na dapat ang mga isinasagawang confirmatory test sa COVID-19 ay ilaan na lang sa mas bulnerableng sektor tulad ng mga matatanda, at kung ang pasyente ay symptomatic.

Karamihan kasi ngayon ng nagpopositibo sa COVID-19 kahit na asymptomatic ay muling nagpapatest para makumpirma ito.

“It would not be necessary to test and confirm every infection unless of course you’re in vulnerable groups or the elderly where it would be useful to understand so we can initiate early treatment.”

Pabor din ang WHO official na isailalim sa home quarantine ang mga asymptomatic sa COVID-19.


 “It’s also not very useful in testing other asymptomatic people in a household once you have a confirmed omicron case in a household because of the higher transmissibility they are very likely to get infected or would have got already infected.” RNT