October 8, 2022 @ 1:25 AM 6 months ago

AND like all writers who truly understand the dynamics of writing, I also have that ability (like all other writers around) to use figures of speech when expressing a thought, idea or an emotion either to magnify or minimize its meaning and impact.

So when I say: “If you hurt my daughter, I’ll kill you” it’s an expression of profound love of a father although a malicious mind could easily take it for its literal value and impute something else.

Here, I’m showing two slides culled from one and the same statement by Lorraine Marie T. Badoy on a “certain” decision by a “certain” Judge Malagar which enablers and collaborators of the CPP-NPA-NDF have exploited to the hilt if only to demonize the erstwhile spokesperson of NTF-ELCAC.

Simple lang naman ang ibig niyang sabihin: Kung sinasabi ni Judge Malagar na okay lang ang karumal-dumal na pagpatay sa katulad ni Kieth At Nolven Absalon, ang pagpatay sa mga bata gaya sa Rano massacre, pagpatay sa mga sibilyan at walang awang pagpatay ng NPA sa libo-libong KASAMA nila noong “purging” dahil “political belief” nila ‘yon… papano kung “political belief” din ang “paglilinis” sa mga kuwestiyonableng kasapi ng hudikatura?

If, what if, so, papaano kung, eh kung. Threat ‘yun? Oh! Don’t be stupid!

Again, true-blooded writers like the prolific Lorraine Marie T. Badoy use syllogism, metaphor, apostrophe, assonance, hyperbole, irony, metonymy, paradox, personification, pun, simile, synecdoche and understatement which are among the many figures of speech writers- old and new, past and present- use to stress a point.

If youdon’t understand that, problema n’yo na ‘yun.

Mind you, I share Dr. Badoy’s sentiments and her rage over that ABOMINABLE decision.

See the difference in context between the two, especially when a single important paragraph is omitted.

Also, since I am a writer, a reporter who covered practically all beats, I have friends and informants all over.

I am sharing here, too, a privileged information given by a veteran SC and Justice beat reporter (which I covered back in the 90s, by the way) about how a certain Edre Olalia of NUPL went around soliciting support from various lawyers groups against Badoy.

Mga boss tsip, alam namin ang galawan diyan.

I’m not passing judgment on anyone, just sharing information.

My point is, kami nila Badoy sumumpa ng lalaban hanggang kamatayan kaya huwag kaming tatakutin ng KULONG lang.

Hindi ninyo kami kayang takutin, [email protected] [email protected] niyo!


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!