Julia, may hanash sa relasyon kay Gerald!

Julia, may hanash sa relasyon kay Gerald!

November 26, 2022 @ 12:06 PM 3 months ago

Manila, Philippines – May pahayag si Julia Barretto sa relasyon nila ni Gerald Anderson sa November issue ng Cosmopolitan. Sinabi niya na natuto na siya sa pagkakamali niya dati sa pag-oversharing ng kanyang personal life sa publiko.

“Now, you know that It`s a known fact that I am in a relationship with him, but they really don`t know anything about our relationship so it`s hard for them to form an opinion about it. It`s a conscious effort, so it`s something I keep private up to this day. But it doesn`t mean I am not proud of the relationship.

“It`s rare, di ba that I share (posting milestone of her relationship with Gerald). But they`re like really nice, happy moments that I am happy to share,” pahayag ni Julia.

May sinabi rin siya sa paulit-ulit na break-up nila dahil lang sa hindi siya nagpo-post at nag-a-update ng tungkol sa kanila.

“It`s okey, It`s fine. I don`t get pressured about it. Again, I don`t live my life for other people anymore. And I feel like there`s nothing to prove to people.”

Sabi pa ni Julia, ”I`m so secure in my relationship, I really don`t have anything to prove, I feel like there`s a lot of negativity in the world and they just want everybody to be unhappy but that`s not the case. If you feel like you`re unhappy, then you opt to get inspiration and courage to live a life that you`ll be happy.

“So you know, for negative people, I mean, we are not always happy all the time. We work to live the life na kung saan tayo masaya, so I hope they can do the same,” sabi pa niya. Gerry Ocampo