March 23, 2022 @ 11:03 AM 3 months ago

“A wise person would retreat when fighting a losing battle, a foolish person would fight until there is nothing left to lose.” – Sheila Cheng

WITH barely 49 days left before Election Day, it has now come down to a battle of narratives and clashes of PRs.

Throw away the survey results — including those of SWS and Pulse Asia – because that wouldn’t matter much if you’re down by 45 percentage points and practically staring the abyss. No amount of self-convincing, self-serving dialogues, and self-righteous pronouncements aimed to discredit frontrunner Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr., can overturn the fact that the former senator from Ilocos is poised to return to Malacañang after enduring 36 years of vilification and denigration from the very same people who are now teetering on the verge of defeat.

Nature has an uncanny sense of rectifying history.

Never mind if a large number of people show up at the sorties and rallies because at the end of the day those who would only appear at the polling places and affix their respective signatures on the ballot will be counted.

Never mind too how many artists and performers will grace the rallies and issue indignant comments, because on May 9 their votes will only count as one, too.

What matters now is the sanctity of the ballots and the inviolability of the voice of the people.

With this in mind, it is imperative for the Commission on Elections to assure that there will be honest, clean, and orderly elections because there will be unscrupulous people, especially those who are bound to lose a lot, who will try to tamper the people’s will.

At this point in time, the odds are stacked not only against Robredo but all the presidential wannabees.

No wonder vice presidential candidate Rizalito David even admitted during the Comelec-sponsored debate that, “at the end of the day hindi kami mananalo. Wala ni isa rito ang mananalo kay Sara Duterte. Wala ru’n sa mga presidential candidate ang tatalo kay Bongbong Marcos.”

“Kaya ako ay nananawagan sa aking mga kasamang kandidato, let us talk, let us form a grand coalition to defeat Marcos and Duterte. Please, please, please do a selfless act. Let us defeat Marcos, Let us defeat Duterte together because we cannot do it by our lonesome,” David’s plea echoed loudly.

But nobody is budging. Nobody wants to make the supreme sacrifice and step back in favor of somebody.

Everyone is so focused on their respective self-emulation that the idea of joining hands for a common purpose has slipped out of their disjointed minds.

Anyway, at this time, nobody among them believes that even their combined survey percentage is enough to dislodge the “Anak Ti Batac.”

It will, therefore, take a major miracle, short of Armageddon, for Robredo to beat Marcos in a fair and honest election. The writings are on the wall, mind you!