November 5, 2022 @ 1:08 AM 3 weeks ago

THE  destruction caused by Typhoon Paeng has reached a catastrophic level, particularly in Maguindanao. Most of those who are going through it for the first time have shared on social media about their miserable experiences and the losses they have sustained. Some aregoing around asking for help from their families and close friends. Donations are being actively sought after by a number of different organizations.

These days, it is much simpler to give help because of the proliferation of applications that make it possible to conduct seamless transactions, thereby cutting down on time and effort in transferring funds. As a result, there are fewer reasons for not contributing if one has the financial means to do so.

Some individuals have repeatedly posted challenges on social media, asking their friends to contribute even a single peso by way of GCash, in order to show how even a small amount of assistance can make a significant difference. If, for example, each of my more than 38,000 friends and social media followers contributed one peso in response to such a challenge, I would have 38,000 pesos in an instant.

However, asking is a lot harder than it seems. Most people are reluctant to ask for assistance for fear of being turned down or talked about. Pride is a bitter pill to swallow. People only muster the courage to ask for help from others in times of crisis and emergency because in such situations, others tend to have empathy.

Similarly, those who are being asked for assistance will have a difficult time ignoring a request because doing so would be tantamount to ignoring the plight of a fellowman. Those who are unable to help in this circumstance due to a lack of resources ought to be forthright about their situation and possibly promise to help as soon as they have the means to do so.

On the other hand, some people continue to give everything they have, even if it hurts, because they believe it is better to give than to be in the shoes of others.

Maguindanao is in desperate need of assistance. It only takes a few keystrokes on our phones to send assistance to those in need.