Mayor warns on bogus accounts in socmed

Mayor warns on bogus accounts in socmed

July 8, 2018 @ 2:27 PM 5 years ago


Valenzuela City Ma­yor Rex Gat­chalian warns the public and netizens against patronizing bogus accounts using his name, office and profile that proliferate in social media.

“I’m calling the general public and the netizens as well against patronizing such unauthorized accounts or relying upon them for information or having links with them,” the mayor said.

According to City Public Information Officer Zyan Caiña, the official so­cial media account of the mayor: www.face­­lianValenzuelaCity. It is provided and being maintained by the local government.

He said all official statements, public service announcements and advisories that need dissemination for the public’s benefit and guidance pass through this official Facebook page of the mayor, which is open and accessible to all.

“It should not be confused with unauthorized websites and social media accounts that capita­lize on the city mayor’s name and goodwill to spread fake news and misinformation, invite ridi­cule and undermine the city’s progress under his leadership,” Mr. Caiña said.

He added the city go­vernment is taking measures to curb it as it reite­rates its appeal for public cooperation on the matter.

Barangay officials should

discipline their “tambays”

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte has urged police officers to join forces with newly elected barangay officials in implementing disciplina­ry measures for ‘tambays.’

“Actually disciplining community members should be in the hands of the barangays,” she said in an interview pertaining to the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) implementation of city ordinances to sweep the streets of loiterers.

Following the recent oath taking of Quezon City’s new barangay officials, VM Joy believes that collaboration bet­ween police and barangay officials will be ins­trumental in lightening the already heavy burdens of police officers.

She added that dis­cip­linary measures can already be “implemented at the barangay level and no longer at the level of the police officers.”

VM Joy has been conferring with Quezon City Police District Director and Chief Superintendent Joselito Esquivel to clarify the nationwide directive on ‘tambays.’

“He (Esquivel) said that the campaign is not actually against loiterers per se but against violators of city ordinances including for example wal­king around in public pla­ces naked, or gambling publicly, or smoking publicly, or violating disciplina­ry hours,” VM Belmonte said.

The Sangguniang Pan­lungsod has passed measures continuously to implement municipal ordinances rela­ting to ‘tambays’ in the streets, particularly Ordinance 2301, ‘Quezon City Discipline Hours for Minors’; Ordinance 5038, S-1962 that prohibits the drinking of intoxicating liquor or alcoholic beverages, beers and wine in any public and Ordinance 2623 that defines a half-naked person loitering in the streets can be punished or jailed.

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