OCTA sa LGUs: Sumunod sa national quarantine policy

OCTA sa LGUs: Sumunod sa national quarantine policy

July 7, 2021 @ 12:45 PM 1 year ago

Manila, Philippines – Hinikayat ng OCTA Research Group ang mga lokal na pamahalaan na sumunod sa national quarantine policy.

Kasunod ito ng babala ng Delta variant na maaaring magresulta sa isa pang lockdown o kakulangan ng oxygen supply.

Ayon kay biology professor Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, kung ang isang indibidwal na may Delta variant ay umuwi ng bahay, “it is absolutely certain that person will infect everyone in the house.”

“When we’re talking about the Delta threat, the threat is so great, another lockdown, running out of oxygen in the Philippines, that kind of threat is so expensive, so devastating that we’re asking our (fellow) Filipinos as I understand to sacrifice,” saad pa ng eksperto sa ANC’s Headstart.

“Keep in mind that Australia had one of the strictest quarantines and the Delta variant sneaked through that 14-day mandatory quarantine.”

“One of the big question marks with quarantines is that different vaccines may have different transmissibility,” dagdag nito.

“There’s effective immunity where I do not get sick versus sterilizing immunity I don’t get sick and I cannot give it to you.” RNT/FGDC