April 20, 2022 @ 2:09 PM 2 months ago

“A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth,” Joseph Goebbels

THERE is no turning the tide for frontrunner Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. as far as the road to Malacañang is concerned – the signs are all written on the wall and those who are behind Leni Robredo’s campaign must be twitching in their seats, not knowing what hit them despite all the lies and negativity they spread just to veer away from imminent defeat.

The daunting task of leveling the playing field after Marcos dominated the survey games in all reputable poll firms was just too much for a bunch of nincompoops who had nothing to show for but hatred and washed up hope that their Yellow narratives will still sell the way it did in 1986.

Embarking on the challenging task of peddling a presidential candidate haunted by accusations of cheating in the last elections and lying to the teeth “that she will never run” is like trying to sell freezers to Eskimos and convincing Phytagoras that the world is flat.

Robredo’s campaign was doomed from the start, but the Yellow Team, or Pink, or whatever they call themselves were determined, like the proverbial hyenas circling on their prey, to win at all cost and so they tried harder and pushed the ante higher.

Too bad they were running head-on against an avalanche named “Bongbong.”

And when the lies and the dirty propaganda didn’t work, and with so little time on their hands, Robredo’s political operators panicked and threw the monkey wrench hoping that the voters who are indignant about hearing insolence against women would react violently.

But they were wrong. They underestimated the intelligence of the Filipino people.

Prior to the story of Aika’s alleged sex video, the Yellow propagandists came out with a warning that BBM’s camp will launch an all-out attack before the Holy Week.

And lo and behold, on Holy Monday news networks openly supporting Robredo came out with stories about Aika’s alleged sex video proliferating on social media and search engine Google.

Barry Gutierrez, Robredo’s spokesperson, jumped into the prey and said that they have already reported the videos to authorities, even warning netizens against sharing the links’ screenshots to prevent people from accessing them.

Like the time when an alleged sex scandal of Sen. Leila Delima surfaced on YouTube, Maritess and her clan pounced on social media to feast on Aika’s alleged immoral activity.

But there was NONE.

Unfortunately, the only people who saw it were the people who warned that there was such, those who threatened to sue the purveyors, and those who tried to drag the name of Marcos in vain – all of them Yellow people.

In short, Robredo’s propagandists created smoke and tried to sell fire but no one was buying it.

Talk about silly propaganda that backfired big time!