Pangalawang ulat ng ICHRP sa human rights violations sa Pinas, inilabas na

Pangalawang ulat ng ICHRP sa human rights violations sa Pinas, inilabas na

July 7, 2021 @ 10:47 AM 1 year ago

MANILA, Philippines – Isinapubliko na ng Independent International Commission of Investigation into Human Rights violations in the Philippines (ICHRP) ang resulta ng ikalawang ulat ukol sa umano’y paglabag sa karapatang pantao ng administrasyong Duterte.

“We call on the Philippine government to cooperate with the investigation and for state party to the Rome Statute to hold the Philippine government accountable for any non-cooperation,” panawagan ni Peter Murphy, chairperson ng core group ng Investigate PH sa isang virtual news forum.

Nakasaad sa ulat ang mga paglabag sa karapatang pantao sa kampanya kontra iligal na droga ng administrasyon.

Anila ang pulisya ang nasa likod ng human rights violations sa bansa.

“The evidence we have collected in this inquiry has put us to the overwhelming conclusion the president Duterte’s war on drugs is in fact a war on poor people. President Duterte launched the war on drugs on the 30th of June 2016, the day he took office. Between 1 July 2016 and 31 December 2020…the official government figures lists 6,011 deaths in anti-drug operations. It is becomingly increasingly understood that this figures are not accurate. The United Nations Office of the High Commission on Human Rights found that the figure up to March 2020 was at least 8, 663. Other studies cite the number of killings as almost three times higher than that figure. If the president was serious about country illegal drug use, he’s definitely would deal with this matter as health issue…but the war on drugs has not been about assisting drug users to end their addiction. This war has turned the Philippines into a brutal place site,” ayon kay dating Australian Senator Lee Rhiannon.

Ani Rhiannon may ebidensya ang grupo sa mga pagpatay sa sariling bahay ng mga biktima, maging sa kalye at may ilang dinurukot.

“We saw photographic evidence that placed attempted to cover up their execution of victims. Dead bodies had their arms bound by hand cuffs or zipped ties suggesting that they were killed while detained and unable to resists. Witness saw the place execute three men and then plant guns on them,” aniya.

Isiniwalat din nito na ang mga autopsy sa mga labi ay hindi sumusunod sa tamang procedure.

“The ongoing misery is sickening, funeral parlors often work closely with local police…some extort huge fees from families before the families can retrieved the body of their loved ones. Of all the thousands killed during the drug wars, since the drug war were instigated in 2016, police have only been convicted of one murder. Kian Delos Santos was abducted by police in August 2017. The killing of this young man is known because the local government officers forgot to turn off the CCTV. Despite this solid evidence, no police commanders would charged, only three low level police officers were,” giit nito.

“The Filipino Judicial and Legislative systems are increasingly complacent in this crimes and in repressing government critics…the police system of killing in the war on drugs is called tokhang meaning to knock on the door and persuade. It is really kicking the door and shoot…since 2020 this system has been applaud to the war on dissent as well which is being considerably expanded by president Duterte’s executive order 70. This institutionalized a whole of nation approach to defeat progressive forces in the Philippines. The war on poor people in the guised of the war on drugs is a giant killing machine that must be stop,” punto pa nito.

Para naman kay Atty. Suzanne Adely, presidente ng National Lawyers Guild of the USA, “unjust war”ang naging military operation ng pamahalaan sa Marawi City noong 2017.

“With financial and tactical support from the United States as well as other states, the Philippines’ government launched in unjust war in Mindanao which they have justified in the labeling of that operation as war on terrorism. The Philippines military operation have not distinguished between civilians and combatant has led to the killing of over 1,000 civilians during their operations and the displacements of hundreds of thousands,” sinabi ni Adely.

Iginiit ni Adelyn na dapat sundin ang international law ukol sa pagsugpo sa terorismo.

Nakabatay ang ulat ng grupo sa mga testimonya, sinuring impormasyon mula sa mga resource person tulad ng mga nakaligtas, kamag-anak ng mga biktima, human rights advocate, at mga datos mula sa korte.

Ang unang ulat ay isinapubliko nitong Marso habang ang pinal na ulat ay ilalabas sa Setyembre kasabay ng ika-48 Regular Session ng UN Human Rights Council. RNT/ELM