January 27, 2022 @ 4:43 AM 8 months ago

REITERATING her appeal to the concerned government authorities particularly the local chief executives to refrain from discriminating unvaccinated people, the chief of the Public Attorney’s Office has clarified that she’s not against the vaccines.

This, as PAO chief Persida Rueda-Acosta said she’d make herself available to assist any individuals who’ve experienced discrimination especially from their work for reason that they’re not vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine.

She even gave her personal cellular phone number (0919-262-51-90) which they can directly access anytime of the day.

“But please be human and never make prank calls as I also need to rest at night.”

Atty. Rueda-Acosta said she chose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 because of her age and various health reasons as she cited that the available COVID-19 vaccines are RNA (ribonucleic acid)-based and that she would wait for a protein-based vaccine.

“But I’m never against any vaccines because I already had complete vaccines in the past.”

The chief public attorney has reiterated her appeal the concerned government authorities to be considerate to the rights of others who have chosen not to get shots of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Let us not discriminate the unvaccinated. There is no mandate yet for the compulsory vaccination for COVID-19, there’s no law yet.”

Stressing that it’s unlawful to deprive those unvaccinated people especially from their work, she warned them that they’d be violating the Constitution and their human rights if they’d force the people to get jabbed against their will.

“If a person wouldn’t want to get vaccinated for COVID-19, that’s his choice and that’s his right because that his own body given to him by God so he’s the only one who can decide for himself,” she said.

She said the best thing the concerned government authorities can do is explain to the people that there’s still risk from getting the COVID-19 shots but, at the same time, let them know the benefits.

“If an individual wouldn’t want to be part of this experimentation since it (COVID-19) is still under clinical trial and it does not have yet its certification of efficacy, among others, and since it’s only issued with the emergency authorization use, he mustn’t be forced because that’s against his right as well as the Constitution.”

The PAO chief even cited Republic Act 11525 (An Act Expediting the Coronavirus 2019 Vaccination Program) which was clear on its provisions that vaccination card and vaccination are not mandatory.

Lauding the Department of Health for its effort against the pandemic, she, however, advised it to be ready for another vaccines in case there’d be side-effects for getting the COVID-19 vaccines.