Pinas, isa sa mga bansang may mababang bilang ng bakunadong bata-WHO

Pinas, isa sa mga bansang may mababang bilang ng bakunadong bata-WHO

November 8, 2022 @ 7:27 AM 3 weeks ago

MANILA, Philippines – Tinukoy ng World Health Organization ang Pilipinas bilang isa sa mga bansa na may mataas na bilang ng mga bata na hindi pa nabakunahan.

“Philippines is one of the 10 countries with the most number of unvaccinated children in the whole world. That is why we are working very hard with Philippines to make sure that we have these kinds of vaccination to make sure that Philippines gets a coverage of over 80 or 90 percent,” ani Dr. Robert Kezaala, medical officer ng vaccine preventable disease at immunization ng WHO sa Pilipinas sa paglulungsad ng 10-araw na catch-up immunization sa Taguig City.

“The decline was due to many factors including an increased number of children living in conflict and fragile settings where immunization access is often challenging, increased misinformation and COVID-19 related issues such as service and supply chain disruptions, resource diversion to response efforts, and containment measures that limited immunization service access and availability,” dagdag pa sa ulat.

Saad pa rito na “18 million of the 25 million children did not receive a single dose of DTP during the year, the vast majority of whom live in low- and middle-income countries, with India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ethiopia and the Philippines recording the highest numbers.”

Sa Pilipinas, target ng Department of Health na mabakunahan ang 95 porsiyento ng kabataan sa bansa pero tanging 34 porsyento pa lang ang naaabot kung saan isinisisi ang nasabing bilang sa restriksyon dulot ng pandemya. RNT