July 10, 2021 @ 8:37 PM 1 year ago

THE late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago believed that a college degree should be a requirement enshrined in the Constitution for elected officials.

“If we require members of local and national bureaucracies to be degree holders, there is no reason why we should not do the same for mayors, governors, congress people, senators, and presidents,” Santiago said in a speech in 2013.

This kibitzer subscribes to that reasoning.

This is not to douse cold water on the aspiration of some people to serve the country since history is filled with stories regarding leaders who have no college degrees.

But the complexities and demand of modern day politics, especially those in higher office, requires not only decisiveness but also wisdom, which can only be acquired in a formal educational setting.

Article 2 of the Constitution requires, among others, that a President only needs to be able to read and write, which practically allows all and sundry to assume the highest office in the land after winning in a “fair and honest election.”

If this is the case, then a person applying for the position of security guard has tougher requirements, including neuro-psychiatric exam, which some government officials are sure to fail.

To be popular and win an election is one thing, but to perform the tasks and demands of the presidency is another story altogether.

A former government official wrote that Senator Manny Pacquiao’s AB Political Science degree acquired through the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) at the University of Makati in a year’s time is highly questionable.

I agree. Ask any knowledgeable political science degree holder if he or she was able to digest all the theories and intricacies of the subject in that short period.

To become President is to make decisions not only on foreign policy, the economic direction, and political stability of the country, among others.

I have nothing against Pacquiao aspiring to become President, but hey, this is not boxing.

There should be at least a minimum requirement of sanity and clarity to be able to lead this country.