December 9, 2021 @ 8:44 PM 10 months ago

THE country’s top beer producer, the San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB) which has been the long-time partner of the Camanava Press Corps, of which yours truly is the president, in various pro-people and pro-poor activities like feeding programs, medical missions and environmental projects, among others, has continued to bring people from all walks of life together, helping shape local culture through music, fashion and arts.

This holiday season, to commemorate the brand’s timeless taste and signature style, San Miguel Pale Pilsen mer­ges classic with contemporary through its limited-edition IconiCan.

Bringing beer lovers together through crea­tivity, the IconiCan is a product of an exciting collaboration between two award-winning visual artists, the late editorial cartoonist Larry Alcala and touted graphic novelist Rob Cham.

Alcala was awarded the title of National Artist for Visual Arts posthumously for his body of work throughout his 56 years of cartooning. During his time, his illustrations reflected day-to-day life filled with gaiety and humor.

An illustrator and comic book creator, Cham has received the National Book Award for his work on his graphic novel Light.

The young artist communicates his sentiments through intriguing and soulful vi­suals that incorporate pop culture into worlds that capture contemporary aesthe­tics.

Placed side by side and wrapped around a San Miguel Pale Pilsen can, the works of these superb artists showcase good times with the classic brew.

 Oktoberfest, a success amid pandemic

In place of the usual festivities, SMB serves up a different kind of delight this year with what’s inside its bottles and what can be found under its crowns.

As revelers celebrate this global beer festival, Oktoberfest, it offers added thrills to drinkers with its “Instant Gcash Panalo ng San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest” under-the-crown promo.

With up to P100-million in GCash prizes to be given away, over 50,000 thousand drin­kers nationwide have already won by simply enjoying their favorite bottles of San Miguel Beer and checking under its crowns.

Beer lovers can enjoy their favorite brews and get a chance to win instantly in just five easy steps – buy, look, scan, type and win.

“Nakita ko ‘yung pos­ter kung paano ang gagawin. Sinundan ko lang, pinasok ko yung GCash account number pati yung promo code, tapos na-claim ko na yung premyo. Ayun, nanalo ako ng P5,000. Masaya kasi makaka-inom na ulit!”  said Gcash prize winner Jhay Cahilig of Tondo, Manila.

Don’t throw away those crowns.

Stop, look, and get ready to join the thousands of drinkers who have already won pri­zes by simply looking under the crowns of their favorite San Miguel Beers, according to SMB.

Winners can use rewards at the nearest store accepting GCash to buy anything, inclu­ding more San Miguel Beer, it said.