June 24, 2022 @ 2:08 PM 6 days ago

THE Camanava Press Corps, of which yours truly is the president, has always been gratified by the long-time partnership it has with the San Miguel Corporation (SMC), San Miguel Brewery (SMB) Inc. and the Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) which results in several pro-poor, pro-people and environmental projects in the past like tree-planting, medical missions and feeding programs.

As they continue with their corporate social responsibilities, they also continue to make new products while maintain the well known products patronized by many.

The SMB serves up a new drink that offers simple enjoyment and flavorful refreshment with a new product concocted on a base of sparkling water, the drink mixes in spirits and natural fruit flavors for drinkers looking for a fresh experience.

An emerging flavored alcoholic beverage, the product can be simply described as alcoholic bubbly water or boozy soda and it’s made from carbonated water with alcohol and added flavors and it’s outcome is certainly a refreshing swig with a bit of a buzz.

Whether out for a good time with friends or in for a relaxing time at home, the product, which has alcohol content of 5%, is an easy-going, versatile drink that can fit any fancy.

GSMI’s 2022

biggest promotion

GSMI has launched its biggest and its “luckiest” promotion to date, the “One Ginebra Nation Tres Swertes Promo” where consumers can win cash prizes of up to a million pesos.

Sales and Marketing Manager Allan Mercado said to win instant prizes, consumers must purchase any Ginebra San Miguel product, peel off the seal, and get a chance to win P5, P10.

There’s a multiplier feature that allows consumers to win even bigger prizes and these special multiplier seals of x5m, x10, x100 and x500 can be combined once with both the instant cash and product seals.

For example, a seal with P10 matched with a multiplier of x10 can be redeemed for P100 or a product matched with a multiplier of x100 can be redeemed for 100 bottles of another product.

Consumers can win up to P5,000 cash or up to 500 bottles of one product.

For the raffle draw, consumers may join by simply writing down their complete name, age, address, contact number, and signature on a sheet of paper.

Enclose entries in a white, legal-sized envelope along with proofs of purchase of any three combinations of GSMl seals for thre products. Raffle prizes ranging from P10,000 to P100,000 cash are up for grabs in these draws.