Special audit sa Pharmally deals isinasapinal na; report ilalabas sa Marso

Special audit sa Pharmally deals isinasapinal na; report ilalabas sa Marso

January 26, 2022 @ 1:42 PM 8 months ago

Manila, Philippines — Isinasapinal na ng Commission on Audit (COA) special audit team ang report tungkol sa supply deals ng gobyerno at Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. at nakatakdang ilabas sa Marso.

Ito ang update ni COA Chairman Michael Aguinaldo sa estado ng special audit sa Pharmally deals.

“They’re (special audit team) already finalizing the audit observations and findings and preparing the audit highlights,” tugon ni Aguinaldo kay Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon.

“The next step would be to schedule an exit conference primarily with PS-DBM (Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management)…between the first two weeks of February.”

“The audit highlights will probably be finalized by the end of February but the final report, probably March, would be a reasonable period,” paliwanag pa nito.

Noong Setyembre 2021, sinabi ni Aguinaldo sa Senate blue ribbon committee na posibleng matapos ang special audit sa katapusan ng 2021.

“What I did mention before during the blue ribbon committee hearing was that the special audit team has been given 90 days. But I candidly said that it’s unlikely that they will be able to finish it in 90 days, it will probably be longer because of the voluminous documents, restrictions amid the pandemic because our auditors also conduct interviews.”

“They don’t just look at documents, they actually conduct interviews not only with gov officials but also with private individuals involved in these transactions,” dagdag pa rito.

Depensa ni Aguinaldo, nagpadala na siya ng liham sa blue ribbon committee noong Enero 24 kalakip ng paliwanag kung bakit hindi nila ito natapos sa itinakdang oras.

 “They (special audit team) also contacted the supposed bidders or those who could have actually supplied some of these goods, medyo nahirapan din sila to get responses from them,” ani Aguinaldo.

“The reason also that it dragged on a bit, one thing we noticed is during each blue ribbon committee hearing, there was always some new information or evidence that would come out that they would now have to factor in in their discussion kaya siguro na-delay rin ng konti because of that.”

“We do have a quality assurance process within the commission so that it’s not just them coming out with the report and issuing it, it has to go through that kind of review,” pagpapatuloy pa nito.

“Usually ang fraud audit report or special audit report are no longer reviewed by the commission proper. Normally it’s the chair who issues the transmittal and in past audit reports that we’ve issued, we only do a cursory review of the findings…we look at consistency between what they found and what the evidence presented.” RNT/FGDC