Valenzuela Police reaches out with mediamen amid threats

Valenzuela Police reaches out with mediamen amid threats

October 18, 2022 @ 4:38 PM 1 month ago

THE Camanava Press Corps, of which yours truly is the president, is all praises for the initiative of the Valenzuela City Police led by its chief, Col. Salvador Destura Jr., in reaching out especially with members of the media that cover the northern Metro Manila.

Destura’s quick response deserves recognition from the media as he only wants the reporters and photographers be safe and fully protected while they’re in the field doing their job as he doesn’t want what happened with the slain hard-hitting broadcaster Percy Lapid to be experienced by them.

Assuring them of their full support and protection, Destura only appeals to the media not to hesitate to keep in touch with the police especially when they are receiving harassment and threats in all forms.
May your tribe, Destura, multiply.

SMC continues to excite many with its latest ‘Play Pilsen’ cans

THE San Miguel Corporation and the San Miguel Polo Brewery, which have been the constant partners of the Camanava Press Corps, of which yours truly is the president, in conducting pro-poor and pro-people programs including feeding activities and medical missions, were likewise unstoppable in looking for ways to make bonding experiences with family and friends great and enjoyable.

The San Miguel Pale Pilsen releases limited edition ‘PLAY PILSEN’ cans which continues to serve exciting bonding experiences for family and friends with its best-tasting brew.

Bringing together people from all walks of life, the iconic Filipino beer connects with the current culture and influences local lifestyle. To further inspire generations of drinkers, San Miguel Pale Pilsen plugs into music to immerse its followers in a vibe.

With the release of its limited edition ‘Play Pilsen’ cans, San Miguel Pale Pilsen lets drinkers explore worlds of music tethered in its brand’s distinct taste.

The whole ‘barkada’ can enjoy three different playlists for different moods: REWIND and take a step back with classic Pinoy hits; TAMBAY and take it easy with chill/lounge music; and GALAW and show your moves through upbeat dance music.